I can only relate what faith means to me.  It certainly doesn't have anything to do with organised religion of any shape or colour.  

For me it's a state of belief in something inside and outside of ourselves which is protective and good and ultimately unchanging.  Goodness, whether it's love and caring which people have for each other, or the belief that it will always win over anything bad, put very simply - that when it comes down to it ... good will win every time.  

I suppose faith is part of optimism, a pessimist could not have faith surely.  If life is full of hope and good things for us, then surely we automatically have faith.  

Light pierces the dark, it shows us that there is always hope. Even in the most seemingly hopeless of situations, if we can remain optimistic, our spirit will not be broken.  In my experience, life is good - not without its troubles and fair share of struggle and heartache, but ultimately good.  Even when something apparently negative is happening, there is a useful lesson to be drawn from it.  We learn, we grow.  


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There is also the gift of SPECIAL FAITH received through obedience to Jesus Christ, a.k.a., "The faithful witness: the first to be raised from death".

Rather than any religious hearsay, growing faith is based on personally seeing the VISION of Jesus Christ's divinity and absolute authority in his death on the cross imparting eternal life (immortality) on the spot!

One should at least check it out!

(John 1: 50-51; 19: 30-37)

Yes, I feel very much the same. I do wonder though, after been educated in a religion and then choosing to interpret what I learned into my own personal beliefs is because of my early education or would I have felt the same without it.<br />
<br />
Because of this indecision, I raised my children in my faith and as they've grown allowed them to continue or stop based on their own decision and need. While they were children, I participated in the <br />
Church so they could learn about what faith is all about. I still think about whether children not exposed to a religion are missing out on the beauty of faith. How many would seek it on their own? I don't think many!