I Know a Caterpillar

A Caterpillar knows what it must do...

In order for a caterpillar to become what it is destined to be, it makes sacrifices.... it does what it must in order to fulfill its destiny.

Knowing what it must do to reach its full potential... to become a Butterfly.

In order for a caterpillar to become a butterfly, they must first cocoon themselves from the life around them.

They eat & eat, food coma's are the beginning...

They then begin to shelter themselves from the weather but still be in the sun.

Time is what a Caterpillar needs to do what it is that they must and what they know they are destined to do.

They cocoon themselves and begin their transformation... something they must do... you cannot be a Caterpillar for ever.

When the caterpillar emerges forth from their cocoon

" Behold the wonder that is them " 

I cant wait till the caterpillar i know emerges forth from their cocoon... i cry that i know they will be truly magnificent.

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21 Responses Jun 12, 2007

i am still learning R ....... its been a whole year since these comments... dammit :)

A bunch of wise owls here!<br />
<br />
Life is perfect just the way we develop and learn, they try again.<br />
<br />

oh yes .. to name a few .. i KNOW im excited

We have a Halloween party that looks like it will go until next Halloween. And there's always the "in your pants" stories.

just a few ? hahaha

There are a few of those.

a constant one ... left to comment on

And some left to fade away. The best ones remain a memory.

SOME ... should be fr<x>amed and mounted

It sure does. I have had some great moments on EP.

hehe yes .. it does have its moments windyspirit

sure :) or a claw

Need a hand?

its a hard habit to stop ... im still trying

Yes, that can be a time wasting exercise. Been there a few times.

If we dwell on the steps we didnt take or the ones we thought we should have taken .... owww my brain hurts

It would be boring if our life was mapped out for us. We would know what was going to happen tomorrow, next week, and next year.<br />
<br />
It's good to place the wrong foot forward at times.

we are given so many choices .. so many possibilitys .. so many outcomes ...<br />
<br />
we make it difficult ... we create the complications <br />
<br />
But isnt that exciting !!

Choices and decisions. It's so easy to go the wrong way.

it is a gift to be human ... we are about the only living thing that does not know what we have to do in life

They sound a little like us humans. We need the occasional cocoon. Then emerge ready for another go.