That Day

It was throughout one day that I went through a traumatic Schizophrenia faze.
I cant remember what the doctor said but he said I freak out too much over little thing
one of my friends was angry at me, fairly, I was mean to them but I was on a bad day thing, and anyway he kind of blanked me and I was a bit angry but mostly sad and i dont no why but becoz i made him sad i wanted to make him happy, so i thoguht cos he was angry at me he would want me dead. and so I was planing to kill mysellf, and then I thought ' i will let people know. i need to say sorry to him' and then i thought that i needed to tell people, die right.
So i went online and I told everyone and him,and my god people cared <3 aw. I was feeing so sad, and I wanted to die, i mean I ws ready to die, my room was shaped and made so I would kill myself. i went online and they forced it down my throat that I shouldnt kill myself. And I understood, this was around 9 o clock or something.
After I convinced myself killing myself is bad, I told my mum and we went to the hospital as I had injured myself too and the doctor told us and crap. And now I know. There you have it, Tat it the day I first went though a Schizophrenia faze
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May 5, 2012