This Is Hard to Write

I understand Schizophrenia because the love of my life had it. He was a rare case, and a beautiful man with a beautiful soul. He was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia, and undifferentiated schizophrenia. We lived together for about six months. I hated how people treated him. His whole life, all of his ideas were discarded as the rants of a "crazy man". Anytime he'd talk to people, I'd see them give others the "look". If you've spent time with a schizo, you know the look. The look that says, "I don't actually care what this person has to say, and it doesn't matter that I'm being rude and cruel because they're crazy!" That look killed me every time. I speak about him in the past tense because we have since moved on. He was a drifter, a free spirit, and I will love him unconditionally forever.

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This is very very sad ... and people are so ignorant . Schizophrenia can happen to ANYONE - ANY TIME , it is a human condition ; and we are all human ; yet people behave like this can not happen to them ... oh yes , it can ... and it will - to some of us ; We should keep in mind that things change in life and nobody here got promissed anything for the next day ...... I feel for you and I feel for your ex boyfriend .....................

That look you describe is your own interpretation, please don't let this be the actual reason they give this look. When you overpower them bringing you down like that, by continuing smiling as if nothing they can do will ever change you... that is when those people will realise the ugly monsters that they have become. Good luck with your beautiful man

I know The Look very well. Always done by ignorant people. Probably with boring lives.

If people thought he was crazy I guess he didn't want to stick around.

That was a nice story. thanks for sharing.