My Take On Schizophrenia

I am in the medical field, and I have had some patients with schizophrenia. From what I understand, the person loses touch with reality. Things become hazy and they experience auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations. They sometimes have disorganized speech patterns and mumble rather than enunciating their words properly like you and I do. They have severe social anxiety and social dysfunction. The sad thing is that a lot of homeless people have schizophrenia, but people just write them off as crazy people. But people need to understand the disease. Those people need medical intervention and they won't receive it because nobody believes them.

I have also heard that it can be treated very well with antipsychotic medications, such as risperdal, zyprexa, and abilify. Actually, abilify has also been indicated for depression and anxiety. So I would imagine it works great for schizophrenia. I'm sure seroquel would work great for the sleep disorders schizophrenic people often develop. I believe also patients with schizophrenia have a higher likelihood of developing alzheimers dementia at an early age.

Quite honestly, I thought I was on the road to developing schizophrenia for a while when my meds stopped working for me. I started getting disoriented, freaking out, hearing things. It was really bad.My doctor might have to change my anti-depressannt. Maybe if she does, I can try Abilify.

Oh-FYI: Alcoholism over the course of several years can not only damage your organs, but it can cause schizophrenic behavior. So...yea.

Anyways, that's my take on schizophrenia, if anyone has anything to add or thinks I'm wrong, please feel free to comment or private message me.

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<p>I'm discovering more and more about my self and how I became an instrument for such condition called schizophrenia/bipolar/psychosis. All I know is that I've always known at a very early age that I was chosen for a higher purpose not through divination, but revelation in dreams and do to the law of attraction. This awareness was bestowed to me before I was born and I brought it with me at my time of birth. My Christian faith has alot speak when it comes to what people call Schizophrenia. Although, I know there's different levels of schizophrenia, stress and environment is what provokes or affects people to have this disorder or illness. Hearing voices is not uncomon for those who are spiritual, having visions is not a taboo for the religious, speaking in tongues is biblical, concieving thoughts and to prophecy them has been proven. Meditation is part of spirituality but most think it's grandiosity, or why is it that I can't remember things faces and names but I can remember moments and memories and if I meditate deep and long enough It'll come to mind? So Is this a dilema or is this authenticity for something greater than ourselves. Why is schizophrenia seen as something bad, illness or desease? Perhaphs we need to discover and identify the source or force that brought us to this broken place/realm. Those on the ouside can not see what we see from our standing point and neither can we describe it for it must be experienced. They can study and come to a better undeerstanding but one turth holds another and or one truth disproves another.</p>

Like many in the medical field, you are seriously misinformed.

Why do you think alcoholism causes schizophrenic symptoms? I have read that nothing can be proven as to what causes schizophrenia.

Thank you! I too have schizophrenia. I have had it my whole life and I am hoping in the next 18 months to get my BA and get out of mental health.

i love your insight. the guy i wrote about on my story was in fact homeless for about four years because his family was sick of his disease. Also, i love that you said that schizophrenia "can be treated very well with antipsychotic medications". My psych teacher at my college mistakenly thought that meds completely cure schizophrenia. Also, i'm not sure if they had a higher liklihood of developing memory problems, i think it's a symptom. Kevin used to say his memory was like swiss cheese. There has been some research on the connection between episodic memory loss and schizophrenia. if you want i can try to find the research paper online.

I never knew that alcoholism caused schizophrenic behavior. I know that drugs will trigger an episode but never knew about alcohol.<br />
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thanks for sharing