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I was in a treatment center for three months for mental illness and housed with people with many different mental illness .And i learned alot about schizophrenia .. and its a very difficult illness to comprehend ...  and its a very sad illness .. i couldnt imagine what it would be like to have no  sense of reality . ... so hard .
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I was a church prayer team leader and saw it all. <br />
We had several psychologists and psychologists that trained us to detect various personality disorders and mental illnesses and how to find scriptures that were helpful. <br />
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My FAVORITE people were the schitzophrenics and the multiple personalities. <br />
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Eventually, several of them became "incorporated" the term used to describe putting all the personality together into one person. <br />
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The difference was like night and day but I could see the various traits in the new or incorporated person, it was just balanced and there were no more separate entities. <br />
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