You'll Never Understand!!!!!!!!!!!.... You'll Get It Before I Do...

Ink stains my hands like blood!
Symbolic of the words I feel
I write more legibly in blood anyway.
Maybe you'll hear me better that way
Scream black onto your walls
I live in the void you funded for me
It's beautifully charismatic
A cynical prison on holiday
Hell doesn't get off work for Christmas
Jesus pulled me out of my Hel-... sorry, my CELL... by the hair
strangled me with it and presented me with my future
Well thank you kindly sir I'll greet you at the end of my tunnel
I see your light just a few thousand miles away
I didn't deserve this!!!! as my beauty is cut away
Tears serve as an armistice.... until tomorrow
We'll pick up where we left off
I ******* HATE YOU!!!!!!!!
My words are shadows of what I once was
In another life
Another realm of simplicity
Simplici-..... Yes that's what they call that peaceful prison of black and white and GREY GREY GREY!!!!!!!!! BLACK!!!!!!
It was never beautiful
I was never peaceful
My life was black
Then beautiful
Then I hung myself one day
They never saw it coming.
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2012

**** YOU!!!!! THIS POEM SUCKS!!!!!

****!!!!!! BURN IN HELL!!!!!!