Having Kids With Cleft

Having kids with cleft is tough 2 of my kids were born with it thank god neither had the lip just the roof of their mouth my daughter had a complete hole an my sons   was off a little both had to go through 2 surgeries both also have had to have several sets of tubes in their ears due to hearing loss tons of   speech therapy over the years special help in school to get them in catch up mode with other kids my heart breaks when we go to the cranial facial clinic as to how many kids are born with this each year an how many families  have to deal with this an don't know what causes this many people are not aware of these children an their needs really wish they could find a cure for this if  you are out there dealing with this i know what u are going through an u have a friend on this end all you can do is take one day at a time my daughter has graduated  an now heading off to college to be a counselor  an to help other kids like her my son have a long way to go yet he is only five an he has many more health needs to be concerned about putting him in gods hands an taking one day at at time in hope
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Jun 9, 2012