Your Poem

As a poem
It isn’t a word that gets lost in the wind
It is marked on the rocks
It lives, it breathes, it craves
Just as a thinker, a dreamer, a being
Shouting out that exists
And although sometimes…
It can be thrown in any book 
From any library, any shelf, any bag
Buried under the dust of time 
In any corner of the world
Looking for an (un)known path
When finally an ordinary reader 
Finds it, meets it, understands it
The “poem” 
And without a word…
Cleans the dusts away from the “suit”
Looking the time at the watch
Asking for the date, so long
And says:
Finally, perhaps you don’t know... 
But you were waiting for me.
Someone who understands the soul
Your “poem”
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7 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Wow, I really enjoyed this, thanks :)

Poems are lame and for girls all the guys who like them are sissy!!!

Hits the spot .. as always Princess :)

Doesn't happen always. Too often we get to be the book that has collected dust over the years... but once the dust has been blown away... it's amazing how the words in the book reflect the person reading it.

Then faerie pulls your hair... just because... ;)

That is so poetical and so meaningful... The chosen souls will come together at some place and time. Their path may not always be direct but eventually they will discover the right one.

I really like this, TP.

Another good one Princess...