There Is No Material Soul

That's right. No immortal soul, no conscious essence of you that has been about before nor will go on after you die. Nothing that could be bottled, stolen, corrupted; sent to a supernatural realm, heaven, h3ll.

Your transient and wonderful essence; the flame of your life, the broiling and ferocious sun of your passions and desires - it burns so long as your body is alive to carry it. The cascading light of your time so far, and the sum of everything and everyone who has graced your existence - it lives within your precious memories and glimmers in your every step along your path. Whom we have been, who will we become never leaves us, it is us.

That beautiful and marvelous essence of you - it is you, the summation of your weary bones and tight skin, and the glory of your mind and heart so intrinsically interwoven. Let no-one ever disrespect you and your totality by telling you that a soul exists beyond yourself.

You are unique and precious because of your temporary presence in this world. You came from the threads of matter and hope and wonderment, they brought the unimaginably long past to this point and wove you with the love of the universe. And when you die, you will let go this weaving; your actions and choices and love will echo subtly down the ages till the end of time as things unravel, your matter will become so many other glorious things. And the bright flare of your essence will be precious as a vital, pivotal point in time.

This is time's gift, matter's gift to you.

Your threads will last forever, but you matter so much only because your exquisitely individual identity will not.

So shine, shine and burn; burn as bright as the tungsten flame that is life - beginning and end.
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Personally I think we are souls and that our existence in human flesh and mind is our way of living in this universe, but that's just me. =-)

very deep, very cool... thank you for this story, I really needed it .

Yes sir. That may be true. I may even agree. But, the question is, does it need to be shouted from the rooftops?<br />
Are you not preaching to the converted? Do those who believe otherwise stand much chance of being converted to this world view? <br />
<br />
It is a passionate statement, and well written. But I think that those who believe otherwise, if those beliefs serve them well, and help them to be better people (on occasion), and give them some existential peace, should be left to that peace. <br />
I used to argue religion with my non-athiest friends. I took some pleasure in chipping away at the foundations of their beliefs. I would open there minds to the beauty of the ever-fleeting moment.<br />
But, I came to realize that some people are not tempered for the intensity of such a world view. They would prefer the comfort of a paternalistic god looking out for them, and at the end, welcoming them home. It gives them peace and helps them give meaning to reality.<br />
<br />
I understand your passion and your belief. But, I think it isnot for everyone.

Nicely said, you could add that it's very likely many of our atoms will make it into stars(most likely our star when we get gobbled up), I always liked that thought; like the ultimate cremation.<br />
Consciousness is the only thing we keep on the ride, we've recycle all our matter every seven years or so, so you’re a new person often anyway. Little deaths.<br />
Well written, a 5 from me.

Remarkably spoken....Truth as its told...nearly written as such....nothing less of eternal scripture to whom any soul belong......

thats just ... just ... so what i needed to read ...