More Depth to What People Know!!!

Sometimes people hide who they really are to be invited into worlds to which they believe they belong.  Wrong.....People need to accept who they are and go to the worlds they so desire and bring forth to that table a whole new perspective....Yourself.  People don't need to be ashamed or wish they were someone else for the fact will always remain.....There will always be someone who can speak to your truthful soul, due to the fact that your truthful soul has already spoke to them...Honesty........with yourself!!
LiteralFascination LiteralFascination
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2007

That was amazing, and I agree, Literal.<br />
Accept who you are. Move towards your desires. Bring yourself. Others will be touched with your authenticity. As we are with others.

But ultimately, most of us don't even know who we are. If we claim we do, probably we're wrong. We may know our personality, our will and desire, our pull toward something. This is not who we are. People take everything too seriously in this life b/c they don't know what this all is. Nor do they know who they are. That knowledge is the ultimate calling humans have. Once they reach it, they either leave this planet or stay to assist others in their journey.