Figment of Imagination

This morning I read, in the newspaper, a maxim by Democritus saying “Nothing but atoms and empty space exists; everything else is opinion.” Amazed me at the amount of truth it carried. Isn’t everything just a figment of our own imagination. All our emotions, thoughts, feelings, expectations. Our hurts and happinesses included. Is the mind the root cause of all our woes. Is the human body the cause of all troubles or is it the human mind. A painful heart hurts more than a bleeding cut on the body.  Then why is it that the human body has borne the brunt of all uptil now. What we think believe and expect has nothing to do with our physicality, it is our mind that is responsible for playing the games. The soul which has known to remain pure causes us to feel…to feel the joy as well as the pain. The body is a puppet in the hands of the soul. So do we hold the puppet responsible or the puppeteer? The mind and the soul go hand in hand like allies, forcing us to think and to feel. The body just acts out their wishes like a dutiful slave. And yet for so long we regarded it as something some vicious beast who’s only purpose is to contaminate the soul.

A favourite test among psychologists is a picture that looks like that of an old haggard woman to some and a radiant young lass to the others. When you look carefully, you see the other side. Isnt life like that. Doesn’t everything you see depend on how you see it. So all in all…isn’t life nothing but a matter of perception. Is ‘perception’ life? In effect that means we have the power to revel in supreme ecstacy. Yet not all achieve that. Why? Why do some of us have to endure life like a penetrating a open wound that never seems to heal. Does that also depend upon our individuality…the individuality of our mind, that is.  So life is like a race to achieve that state of mind where you have the strength to see pain as joy..or atleast a passing phase that does not have power enough to give us pain.

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My life was extremely painful for many many years, I had already attempted suicide twice by the time I was 17 and from there went into a downward spiral of self-destruction and alcoholism. Eventually I came to my senses (when I realized I was pregnant) and I went cold-turkey on the alcohol and eventually got myself and my baby (by that time I was pregnant again) out of the negative situation I was in with my partner.
I still had depression, was still confused and pretty lonely - but then I read a book called 'Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton and it changed my entire life and how I view every experience that has happened to me. Journey of Souls opened up a whole new world that was always there, I had just always been so caught up in my 'issues' that I couldn't see the 'real world' behind all of this physical matter and through the haze of my tumultuous emotions.
I seriously recommend that anybody who is in emotional turmoil, or who has serious questions about 'The Big Stuff' and the meaning/purpose of life, read Journey of Souls and if possible, see a specialized therapist who will guide you through your own 'life-between-lives' regression - this could be the single most mind-blowing and rewarding thing you will ever experience. =)

Perhaps that is our purpose here, to find or achieve that state of mind. I found mine after a whole lot of suffering because i didn't understand the root of my suffering. Today I am a much happier person and i know for sure on the right path! Thanks for sharing!

I'd like to agree.. i believe in mind over matter.. people are going all over the place... excersizing, eating healthy, and improving themselves physically, not that thats bad, but i think people lack the ability to improve themselves mentally, and forget to look inwards a lot of the time. <br />
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Thanks for the insight :]

Wow.That's incredible.Gives me some things to think about.My brain hurts just digesting this.Love is above all things though.Love is something that every human on this planet craves.Hmmmm.Peace,J