Often Wondered...

I spent years wondering exactly how love feels. Does it feel the same as if you were in lust? If not, what is it akin to?...

I think I know the answer.

I think it feels like you are happy most when you're around them, and you want to share your lives and dreams. It is a feeling that when you are with them, you can't help but smile...

When it is true love it is everlasting attraction no matter what happens. It is everlasting trust and engagement. It is mutal understanding.

It is, for lack of a better word, the perfect feeling when around another human being.

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om frickin g! you hit the nail on the head for me! everything you've described is "us". 2 failed marriages, one failed would-be online rebound, and a current 11 year relationship that i have not been sure about for the past few months; and in these past few months, i have fallen completely in love with someone! however, he's married, kids, wife with a career and childhood sweetheart..with him, i smile and laugh..we share our aspirations and i scream on the inside when we are together. i want him all to myself and wish the complications could be eliminated. taking me 26 years to finally feel love..

It's true, you are right! :)<br />
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God bless.

Just take the compliment gracefully like a big dog. Your descriptions ARE wise indeed. I would add - the world seems unimaginable without the other person in it. The overriding quality is one of selflessness; you place the welfare of the other person above your own.

His is much sweeter, certainly.<br />
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It's not that I'm ahead of the curve, I just have more time on my hands.

Honey, it took me 49 years and 23 years in a dead-end marriage to figure this out. You're well ahead of the curve, my friend! :)

one of my clients who has the mental age of 4 1/2 explained to me once that love is when someone brings you coffee and donuts and hugs you everyday. i like your theory but his seems so perfect

Thanks man. :)

I tried... I spent a long time thinking of it and could only put it in those terms, nothing really poetic about those words either. They are rather plain.

What you wrote is so beautiful. You describe it well.

It will be the same... That doesn't mean all relationships of love are like this. I'm stating the ideal, as I am an idealist.<br />
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I thought about it... Alot.

How did you reach your conclusions?

I'll be interested to know when you are 30, 40 etc. if your conclusion remains. <br />
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For your sake, I hope so. :)

It took me 21 years to actually figure it out.

Aww, so true.