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Why Men Cheat And Why They Go To Prostitutes

I was watching Anderson a while ago and there were 5 women talking about why men cheat and why men go to prostitutes. A legal prostitute in Nevada, a former "professional mistress", a psychosexual and relashionship therapist and two married women seemed to have right answers to the questions. All women were mature and believed that they knew men very well.
The prostitute believes that women are at least partially to blame for their husbands' cheating, has a good advice for wives who hope to keep their spouses away from prostitutes: "Men want a normal, everyday woman," she said. "Everyone has these callous views of what men and women want in each other, and that's just not true. Be yourself." Not true! It's not just my opinion. A number of mature men told me so, one of them a 60 year old well-educated (PhD) psychologist..
The former "Professional Mistress" said that it's "hypocritical" for people to judge prostitutes for what most people give away for free. "We all prostitute ourselves in some way." Also she said that cheating men get the best out of women. True. With mistresses it's love and loving sex, with prostitutes it's just sex and sometimes "girlfriend experience". And all these women look and do their best for such men.
The Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, has a hard time understanding their points, explaining to them that most men who visit prostitutes are avoiding their fears of intimacy. Most men? It's just one expert's opinion. My opinion: men are not the same, they have their reasons, some - fear of intimacy.

So, why do men cheat? First of all, men do not know why they feel the way they feel. It's their nature. There are men who have a beautiful woman at home or a girlfriend but still cheat. So, other women assume that those beautiful women are not perfect, not good for their men for some reasons. Could be true, could be not true. A mature man recommended me to see some movies. One movie is about a middle-aged man who fell in love with a very young pretty girl. He was obsessed with her since the day he saw her for the first time. And when he saw her again he asked her out. Soon they became lovers. She was a perfect sex partner to him. However, after a while he lost interest in her. In the movie the man tells the story. He explained that he just wanted to get rid of her and start dating other girls. This is what happens in many marriages. As some men say that behind every (even beautiful) woman there is a man who got tired of doing her.
Another reason is that many men feel deceived when they dated women who looked attractive and when they got married the women stopped wearing make-up and looking sexy. Most men cheat because they need to conquer beautiful women, others just because they lust after women and even unattractive women would do. There are men who "collect" women - the more the better, it makes them feel powerful. I see an average man like a kid to whom the world is like a candy store and attractive women are like candies - he would love to "try" most of them. All men, just like women, are greedy for somethings and get obsessed with somethings.

Now, why do men go to prostitutes? An older man told me that the relationship between a prostitute and the men is honest: she knows what those men want from her and delivers, getting paid for it. Unlike many women who prefer to take it slow and after a while just to be friends or not to have the man around any more. Every man has his reason. Not happy at home, got tired of doing his woman, lonely, because he can do many things with a hooker that most women would not agree to, because the man is older and can not get young girls, but can get young hookers; because all he wants from women is just sex and no relationship or responsibility of any kind; because he's tired of dating that is costly and frustrating, and he would not get sex; because he had his heart broken many times and does not want that any more, but wants sex; because he can not get beautiful girlfriends he turns to beautiful hooker; because he's in love and his love must be pure, and sex to him is "dirty" or animal-like - hookers to him are "dirty"; because prostitutes excite him like no other women; because he feels like a King with hookers, he can have any of them and they all trying to please him. Actually, the latter is not quite true. The men who frequent prostitutues know who is good and who is not, or they just know the website where men review such women with all the intimate details. So, a man can choose a woman, he thinks, would be perfect for him. There are men who just talk to hookers or just want to give a sensual massage to young beautiful girls. They do not even consider this cheating.
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A Dr. describes it to me and I totally believe it. There brain is in the wrong head. They don't use the right head when they decide to go this route. It's dangerous and deadly. Think first.

Could I be your friend and talk to you by private message?

my boyfriend cheated on me with a prostitute. I was with him 3 years and I thought we always had good sex. I found out by putting his number in to a database called snitchbook and it came up that he had visited a girl 1 year before. I was horrified. Some men just cheat thats all there is to it

That's BS. If you try and get freaky with your boyfriend or husband all of a sudden your a ***** and you are cheating on them because you are too seductive. Then you square up cut out any kinky stuff then you are too boring and they cheat on you. If these are the reason Why men cheat than these Are THEIR problems NOT the WOMANS and THEY need to MAN up and FIX their problem WITHOUT cheating!! If is as flipped and these were reason why women cheat there would be article and talk shows about how to fix YOURSELF and how to get the ROMANCE back and how to fix yourself without cheat on your significant other. We just always blame women for mens weakness instead of expecting MORE out of our men.

It's true that the most honest relationship a man can have with a woman is with a prostitute. There are no pretenses or hoops to jump through and there is guaranteed sex.

The older man who told me that one day admitted that the prostitute he was in love with happened to be dishonest. Because when he gave her expensive gifts (without sex) and asked her to set an appointment with him only when he would be her first that day. He did not want her after some men did who knows what to her. And she set a sex date with him at 11 AM. He came 10 min to 10 AM just to make sure that no man would be with her before him. He saw 3 men visiting her while he was watching outside her place. He confronted her and canceled the appointment. Hey, she was fairly young and very beautiful - many men wanted her. If a man turns to prostitutes, he needs to understand that she is there for the money. The more men the more money.

Money for services is the honesty in the relationship. If a guy is delusional enough to try to form a relationship out of a scenario like that then he is an idiot. It's like going to Denny's and expecting to get high quality food.

I do know that my husband calls women of 23 years old for just talking. He is 63 so either he is fooling me or his own self.

I knew a 60 year old man who was in love with an adorable 23 year old waitress. He would bring me to the restaurant where she worked. One day he saw her with her boyfriend there and said: \"I bet he did not appreciate her, an older man would.\" But that girl wanted someone young. This man turned to prostitues, just to have sex with attractive young females. The youngest was 19. He told me that many men would leave their wives if only attractive young hookers wanted them not just for their money (for sex). He told me that those men not only pay for sex, they give expensive gifts to those young women. I bet those men do not bother to shower their wives/girlfriends with such gifts....

I think the reason you give cheating husbands or cheating men is some real bullshit,

Im 40, quite attractive I'm told, I have a great figure and big boobs, I always try to look my best, my husband is 59, he also has large breasts (funny but true), for 2 yrs I waited around in celebacy, like a good little wife, for him to be honest about what was up... Only to find out that the majority of that time period he was banging hookers... Although he won't admit it... but he's a sociopath so we can chalk everything up to that. Needless to say I'm divorcing him and I can't remember the last time I was this happy!!!

I wonder how a man would react if his woman acted the way he did...........

That's. really sad my husband cheated on me with a prostitute n I was devastated I don't love him the same I don't let him touch me I want a divorce

I am sorry to hear that, Moonah. Perhaps divorcing him you will be better off. Now, was your husband a good life partner before cheating with a hooker? You will have just 2 choices: being without a man or searching for the right one. You might get lucky or you might never find a good man. But before that you might go through some "garbage". Are you willing to deal with that?

I'm so sorry. .. It may be tough but move on sister! It can only get better. That's my perspective anyway! I just moved out over the weekend and I am literally so much happier already! Good luck with everything!