Underwear Swapping

There is something about the smell or the feel of new underwear that makes me hard almost immediately. I have noticed that if I walk past the underwear section in a store I get a craving to buy underwear, get hard, and *** in them. I also have a desire to trade underwear with another man, if you are interested let me know.
frogboy383 frogboy383
22-25, M
8 Responses Feb 1, 2011

As soon as by new underwear always bikini briefs I like alot I buy ans and can't wait to lay face down humping the wooden floor in bikini briefs watching myself in the long mirror humping and *** in them such a turn on anyone else like humping floor in underwear hit me up

I'm looking to trade some briefs :)

anybody wanna trade with this hairy daddy?

Loving wearing other guys' underwear.

what have you got to trade .,i'll trade...i want to put my **** where your's was & ***,sz M or L

big turn on puttin another dudes shorts on

I am so hot for undergear too.... I feel just the same. I can't go into H&M without checking out the mens underwear. my collection grows with every visit. I like going into the charity shops round here and checking out the shorts and underwear i buy gear when its got the right vibe...... Got a pair of cycling shorts with some nice *** stains inside they drive me mad when i touch and sniff........

do you trade?

No Sorry. Not got the courage to...

hmm. i would like it if they smelled like you, but i'm not picky. I will take what you offer with great enthusiasm.