Not On Purpose At First

Initally I had no idea, but on a drive back home I noticed that my new blinds were completely see through! I haven't changed anything though, except I might walk with a little more strut now. Who wouldn't? I look good!
YoungMilkMaiden YoungMilkMaiden
22-25, F
9 Responses Jul 10, 2010

sounds great guess you are a confident woman; I would love to see what you show, please add and send some photos.

As well you should. Now, it is time to leave the blinds open and let those on that road see your hot bod directly!

You would be a neighbor I would love to have.

Sounds like too much fun!

Yes you do... and no you shouldn't.<br />
Yes you do look good and no you shouldn't change a thing... except for adding that little more strut to your walk. That you should definably ad. <br />
Go for it, Girl!

Wish i lived on ur street

I live in a rural area in Kentucky. But a lot of truckers go back and fourth on the road I live on, as well as farmers on their equipment. :)

Lucky farmers and truckers....wish the blinds were removed totally

where do you live so I can come see!!

very hot. when I was in college I delivered newspapers around 5am everyday. There was this one very sexy woman who lived in an apartment that I delivered to who would always be getting ready for work when I came by with all of her curtains wide open and her lights on. It was too obvious to be accidental. You'd have to be blind to not know. I'd sit and watch for a while and she would walk around her apartment in just her thong while putting on makeup, ironing clothes etc. It was hot as hell especially knowing that she must be doing it on purpose.

Never knew that delivering newspapers can be such an exciting job prospect