In The Middle Of Nowhere It's All About The View

Once upon a time we lived in the city, where everyone had chintz (I think that's what it's called) up so that no-one could see in - unless the light was on. We got rid of most of our chintz, because it seemed silly not to have the view. We were a bit careful about undressing in front of the windows though.

Now we're in the country. There's just no need for chintz. And we can get undressed wherever we like without having to worry too much about who sees (or getting too excited about it either). If it was warm enough we could probably get dressed outside, but the view is good from inside.
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Ugh. When I'm out in the country those damn crickets keep me awake all night! And it's so dark too.... And what about lions and tigers and bears?????

If you live here then I suppose you know no-one's likely to be looking in. Visitors may not be so certain! It is fun having people from the city out though.<br />
<br />
Happy to hear you're also enjoying the view properly Rex.

Ha ha ha Isshe :) Yes I am a shameless exhibitionist! just want the attention of all those birds