Forgot About The New Neighbors

Every time I used to get dressed I would shut the blinds out of habit from when I was a kid even if I knew no one could see in. Well now I live by my self in a small basement apartment (aside from when my boyfriend comes over). The house to the right was, until recently abandoned and the house to the right wasn't facing my bedroom anyway so I got used to stripping without closing the blinds even at night. Well a few weeks ago, a middle aged couple moved into the recently remodeled house next door and to my unlikely are always outside in the yard with is facing my bedroom window. This couple is the kind that would talk to you for hours not expecting any replies, so I try to avoid them with still staying polite. The other night I was checking my self out in this new bra and panty set I bought to show off to my boyfriend, when I look over and saw the couple staring straight at me. I thought of maybe covering myself but I didn't want to be obvious so I simply walked out and then 10 minutes later (still in my underwear) walked over to the blind and closed it.
The funny thing is, a week later my boyfriend noticed the couple sitting in the front yard and said to them that he hoped we didn't scare them away to which the couple both looked at me and tried to act dumbfounded. Of course I didn't tell him of what happened the week before. Now I don't even worry about it.
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

can I be your neighbor? i'd love to see what they saw, surprised yiu didn't ***** down and complete the show for them!

Sounds like it was fun - you should keep leaving the drapes open and the lights on. Not for them but for the fun you have

Too cool. I luv it!!!

So did n't they asked u anything?

More like nosy neighbors! Oh well I guess I put my new lingerie to good use haha