My First Time ;)

so I had never got dressed / undressed in front of the windows before a couple of weeks back - I was in my bedroom and happened to look out of the windows and saw the guy in the house opposite getting undressed. we have always enjoyed a cheeky flirt, so I thought I would do the same for him. A couple of days later in the evening, he had his curtains open and lights on, and I could see him moving about, so I decided to give him a bit of a show. I turned the lights on and opened the curtains as far as they could go, then ******** and started to brush my hair looking in the mirror. I stood right in the middle of the window so anyone who looked would be able to see. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him moving until he was stood by the side of the window looking straight at me. I decided to play to him for a bit and bent over so his full view was my bum, and picked up my phone. I pretended to answer it, and started to act really excited - waving my hands around and jumping in the air so my boobs were bouncing all over the place. after a few minutes I slowly pulled a t-shirt over my head and closed the curtains.
since then we have seen each other a few times through the windows - my favourite time was when I was slowly stripping off my underwear and I could see him drinking a beer and ************ while watching - what a turn on!!
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Dec 5, 2012