Mistaken Identity

Living nude, I tend to do everything that way. Dressing, undressing, cleaning the house- whatever. I am always nude and because I love natural light, my windows are usually open. Occassionaly, I'll raise the blinds too. I've done this for years and only on rare occassions have been seen... usually due to my own fault at being too comfortable in my own skin.

The other day I was doing some cleaning and decided to rearrange the furniture in one room. I happened to have the windows open and the blinds up. I didn't give it a second thought. It was the middle of the day and my neighbors were at work. I heard a group of teenage boys walking up the street as I was moving the furniture around. They got real quiet and for too long. I glanced out the window to see them staring from the sidewalk. I backed away and they were soon on their way. I then felt free to finish my task.

Two days later there was a man at my door as I was heading out. He was the father of one of the boys. He had overheard them talking about the nude woman doing housework. Nude woman? He was very polite and said he understands people are free to do what they want in their own homes. But he would appreciate it if my wife or girlfriend would keep the blinds drawn while she was nude in the house. Nude woman? I almost busted out laughing. I live alone and there is no way on earth I would every be mistaken for the opposite sex... or so I thought. I told him I appreciated his concern and would try to honor his request. I also mentioned that I felt a little creeped out that someone had been looking through "our" windows. He apologized and left. That's when I totally lost it.
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Aug 10, 2013