The Beach House

A while back I went on a nice vacation to a beach resort. I had a small cabin with a sliding glass door that faced the beach. When I settled in I decided I would go sit on the beach for a while.

I put my bathing suite on the bed and started to undress. I didn't pull the drapes because I wanted to watch the beach and the people. After removing my blouse and my bra I turned to face the window. there were 3 guys out there watching. So I smiled at then and took off my shorts and panties. All I could do was wave at them.

Then I proceeded to put on what little there is of my bathing suite and joined them on the beach. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed my stay at the beach.  

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Sounds like those guys hung around for you is that why you had such a great time?

I felt really good and it made me a little horny.

Did you end up getting it on with one of them?

That is just the way a beach experience should be!