I Put On a Naked Show For College Girls

I put on a show for some college girls once. I was staying at my exgirlfriend's house, and next door was a dorm house to a nearby college. There were two female students staying there and we were both on the 2nd floor. There was a large picture window in the room, so I came in with a towel over my head, turned on the light and proceeded to stand there naked, pretending to dry my hair. Soon, I noticed one of the girls had her hands over her mouth, as if to say "Oh my God!" but she must've enjoyed it because she was in no hurry to leave the room. Her friend came in and seemed to really enjoy it. I made sure I walked around and gave them a front & rear view. I have muscular legs and a nice tight ***, so I think they enjoyed the show.

Another time, while on my front porch, which is up high and overlooks the street, I was wearing a pair of tight black panties. It didn't take long for a car to slow down and check me out. I noticed it was a car full of women! Another car behind them started honking the horn so they had to drive away. I bet they were talking about that when they got to their destination.

Sometimes I'll open the shade on my front window, which faces the street, and get undressed, making sure to stand near the window when I see car headlights aporoach.

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Thanks for the advice.amny times I have done this and enjoyed it.

YIKES! Next time, better be a little more subtle to avoid another fight with the wife. Pretend you're doing something, like just getting out of the shower, or talking on the phone. Also pretend you don't notice the shade is up. After you think your neighbor got a good look, fake a look of surprise and rush over and pull the shade down. Then your neighbor won't be able to say anything to your wife.

I also like to do that.we were staying in a rented flat.My wife not at home for two days.I kept the kitchen window and was wearing only a towel.When the woman in the next window came in her window I just got on a table and dropped my towel.She looked but moved away and after sometime her neighbouring women was with her.<br />
<br />
Yhat other women was looking interested but this woman looked at me and closed the window.<br />
<br />
Next day when I came back from dutyin the evening my wife asked me that the other women was complaining that I was standing on the table without any cloth with my **** standing erect.<br />
<br />
That time I had a really hard time to convince her that it was an accident.Then she quarreled with her saying what buisiness she was having to look through our window.<br />
<br />
Luckly she didnt call police or made a scene at the time I was showing her my c***.