******** In Class, Was Humiliated

--- By Becky Romero ---

This happened during my senior year in high school, a few months before graduation in 2004. It wasn't something I planned exactly; just a really bad prank that came at my expense and modesty.

I had already been the butt of many jokes and teased for months after nude pics of me and two close girlfriends got passed around our campus by some jerks who hated us. It also didn't help that I had acquired a certain reputation over the years during high school because of the bragging ex-boyfriends of mine did around school after I had slept with them, including being caught naked having sex in the backseat of my then-boyfriend's car while a basketball game was going on at another high school, nor that I was fairly outspoken and didn't take kindly to guys who put their uninvited hands where I didn't want them. Suffice it to say that, even after the jerks who had embarrassed me earlier had transferred out mid-term, there were still enough guys around campus who not only enjoyed that I had been humiliated but thought having my nude pics passed around hadn't shamed me enough.

Having failed chemistry a year earlier, I was repeating it in my last semester of high school. Several friends of the jerks who had humiliated me the previous fall were in my class. A majority of the 20+ students in class were juniors, with a couple of sophomores; maybe about 8 or 9 of us were seniors. None of my friends from my senior class were in this class and I didn't really know the sophomores or juniors too well, other than basically their names. A few of them had teased me that I was repeating chemistry; it hadn't helped that a year earlier I had called one of the sophomores a "dumb frosh". The class was about split between the sexes, our professor was a male in his late 50s.

That mid-April day was a class experiment lab day. For whatever reason, the professor had left the class for a few minutes. He had a habit of sneaking out of class for five minutes or so practically every class for a smoke. Everyone knew it; it was sort of an open secret. The guys who pranked me were ready when he did. The lab day was dealing with corrosive acids on metals and when one of the 11th grade girls called me over to one of the lab tables to look at what two of the senior guys were doing. There was a thin piece of corroded metal sitting on the table next to their flasks. Then, before I knew what was happening, the two jerks had ''accidentally'' tipped over and split the contents of the smoky-acid all over the front of my clothes. (I found out later they had used dry ice, among other things, to create that illusion).

The girl started screaming, then the two guys, that the acid would eat my skin right through my clothes. All three of them were yelling, "Quick, take it off, take off your clothes! ... Take everything off."

I was horrified and started screaming myself as I quickly pulled my top up over my head, tossing it aside and began scrambling to unbutton and unzip my jeans as fast as I could. As I frantically tried to pull them down (tight fitting as they were), my panties came partially down with them.

As I stood in my bra and panties, one of the guys donned a pair of gloves as he picked up my top and then my jeans and took them outside the building (our science classrooms doorways all lead directly to the outside) to a trash can. Of course the other students started crowding around me and then the girl screamed, "Oh my god! It's on your bra and..."

I was too hysterical and scared to notice the grinning and giggling by those in on the prank and quickly reached around and undid my bra as the second guy in on the acid prank 'offered' to remove my panties. Just as I prepared to drop my bra, one of the 12th grade girls yelled at me to stop, that it was a prank.

As I clutched onto my unhooked bra just before I would have let it drop to the floor and with the guy stooped down in front of me hesitating, with his hands on the side of my partially pulled down (from my own doing when I had hysterically tried to get my jeans down), pretty much revealing all of my bush and the top of my slit, I stood there with everyone starring at me unable to say or do anything - until the girl spoke up again.

"You guys said you were only going to trick her into stripping to her underwear," she continued.

Then there was more laughter around (about a half dozen students were on-the-know about the prank from the beginning) and I realized the girl was telling the truth. I then angrily slapped away the hands of the guy who was ready to pull down my panties the rest of the way, nearly dropping my bra in the process (I was told later that I had flashed a boob to everyone in the process; whether I was being teased about that I do not know) as I felt a half-wedgie coming on in the back, courtesy of the moron I had called a "dumb frosh" the year before. As I tried to hold back the swelling tears, I cautiously struggled to pull my panties back up to a more respectable position while holding onto my bra in front of me. Thank God this was in 2004, before camera phones.

Just then our professor walked back in, spotted me surrounded by everyone and exclaimed, "What the f--- is going on here?"

One of the sophomores tried to blame me, saying, "Becky said she wanted everyone to see her naked."

After the laughter died down, the 11th grade girl spoke up and said that I mistakenly thought corrosive acid had been spilled on my clothes (leaving out the part that I was pranked into believing that.). Then, the first guy said it was true and ran outside quickly to the trash can and returned with the remains of my clothes in his gloved-hands. (I found out later the bastard had poured something over them in the trash can outside and lit them on fire briefly before dumping a bucket of dirt over them; the unwearable remains were also wet from a thunderstorm that had started moments afterwards.)

With some of the guys saying I needed to be decontaminated through a complete scrub down (and of course they were volunteering) and some of the girls, though laughing, saying there was no corrosive acid spilled on me, the professor - thankfully by now fairly confident it was a prank - asked if I had any clothes in my locker. When I said I had a sweater in there just around the corner outside, he told me to go put in on and that I excused for the rest of class (the last period of the day). I ran outside, holding my chemistry book and notebook and my still unsnapped-bra in front of me, as I heard the giggles, cat-calls and whistling behind me.

As I turned the corner of the building, I spotted two guys from my senior class who I didn't much care for. It must have been their free period and they were hanging around by their lockers, which were right near mine!

Not wanting them to spot me undressed, I quickly thought of Plan B and ran off across the campus in the opposite direction towards my friend Libby's locker, knowing her combination and hoping she'd have a sweater or jacket in it. I tripped at one point, dropping my book and notebook and left them behind. I stopped a few times to avoid being seen as the downpour had now soaked my panties to a see-through state.

Plan C would be to run off and hide near her car in the parking lot and hope she'd get there quickly after class, though unlikely that was because her last class that day was on the opposite side of the campus. Plan C never materialized because just before I got to her locker, the last bell of the day rang and I quickly hide around a corner to avoid being spotted. Thankfully, that side of campus had few classes but as I prepared myself to make a dash for the parking lot one of the Spanish teachers, Ms. Delgado, spotted me from her classroom doorway and yelled out at me to stop where I was. Shocked at my undressed state, she walked out of her classroom and started peppering me with questions: "What do you think you are doing? ... You're Becky Romero, aren't you? ... Where are your clothes?" etc etc etc.

After I tried to explain to her what had happened, she said I'd have to be taken to the assistant principal's office (a man, which would be all the more embarrassing). Asking me my friend's locker combination she told me to wait inside her classroom and she'd first retrieve whatever clothes she could find in the locker.

When I walked around the doorway into her classroom, I found about eight or nine pairs of eyes bugging out at me. Ms. Delgado was teaching Spanish 1 that period and in her classroom were 14-year old, 9th graders, about half guys, half girls, who were staying after class for some extra work or tutoring. Naturally, the hoots and whistling started anew and I cringed in a front corner with my back towards them. Ms. Delgado heard the racket and walked back in saying, "Ms. Romero here seems to have had some sort of problem with her clothing - again. Just leave her alone and I'll be back in a few minutes." The "again" remark hurt, as it indicated she likely knew all about or had maybe even seen my nude pics from earlier in the school year.

Of course they didn't leave me alone, laughing and whistling and yelling out questions. After a minute or two, one brash jerk, a 14-year old freshman, got up out of his seat and walked up behind me, slipping his hands around me as I sobbed, feeling me up. When a couple of the girls in class yelled at him to leave me alone, he remarked, "What for? Isn't this the school s1ut?"

As I held my still-off and soaked-thru bra up against my breasts, my face buried in the corner in shame, he then pulled back the back of my panties and then downward to more laughter and whistles and said, "Yeah, this is her. I recognize her bare @ss from those pics."

I wanted to run. Some of my senior classmates, when they heard about what had happened, later wanted to know why didn't I. But knowing the campus was now full of students out from classes and on their way home, there was no way in hell that I was going to run out of the classroom now short of hearing a guy's zipper being pulled down. Plus, I thought for sure Ms. Delgado would be back any second. But in the meantime, that freshman unleashed a stream of hurtful, hateful names, prefaced with the b, c and s words over and over before giving me a full wedgie. One of the teenage girls who had yelled at him earlier got up and walked over to us. Again, telling him to leave me alone, she pushed him aside and told him to go sit down. But not before he raised his right hand up in the air and then crashed it down onto my bare backside to more laughter from his friends.

He then moved aside, while she added, "You ain't deserve your own white girl b*tch yet." Placing her hands on my hips she turned me around to face the others, as I continued to hold my bra in front of me. Standing in front of me, she then proceeding to look me up and down, smirking at my embarrassment, before she reached up with her hands, touching my wet hair and began toying with it.

Softly blowing air at my lips then into one of my ears as she walked behind me, she then reached up with both her hands and, slowly but forcefully, pulled my hands and arms down and away from my bare breasts. As the others watched and hooted she then reached up, fondling both my breasts and then twisted my right nipple hard as I screamed silently with my mouth open in shock to more laughter, my arms still held behind me. She then grabbed my other nipple and started twisting it, just as one of the guys yelled out from near the doorway, "She's coming." The girl, who I later found out was a sophomore and over two years younger than me, quickly ran to her seat.

After what seemed like a half-hour but was at most five or ten minutes, Ms. Delgado had returned with a sweater that I recognized as belonging to Libby, my friend. So she evidently got Libby's locker opened. She then said she spoke to my chemistry teacher who confirmed what had happened and that I was free to go without a trip to the assistant principal's office. I thanked her as she handed me the sweater. Standing in the front of the classroom and without being able to put on and refasten my bra without putting down the sweater, I elected to let my bra fall to the floor and instead put the sweater on as I faced Ms. Delgado, my back to the students. More whistling of course ensued with a few remarks like, "Oooo. She's flashing the teacher!"

Ms. Delgado merely smirked a bit as she looked at my bare breasts, then stooped down in front of me, pausing for what seemed like a few unnecessary moments, then picked up my bra and handed it to me, grinning, as I pulled down and stretched the sweater as far down as I could. I then thanked her again and blushingly left her classroom to a howl of more whistles and cat-calls and ran off to where Libby's car was parked, hoping she hadn't left yet. Thankfully, my other friend Lori showed up in the parking lot a few minutes later and I hopped into her car for a ride home. After I quickly explained to Lori what had happened, she grinned and then suggested that I "fix" the front of my panties. The twisted wedgie that teenage creep had given me had exposed my pubes and vulva. No wonder why Ms. Delgado was grinning at me when she stooped down.

I managed to avoid those 9th graders the rest of the school year, but I couldn't as easily avoid Ms. Delgado. I ran into her a few times between classes and, although she never said anything to me, she would grin at me enough so that I would blush.
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That's ****** up

Are you serious?

Not one of my prouder moments to be duped like that.

Ya shoulda reported to the school board or did something about it... Because it is unacceptable to sexually harass someone, and they should of reinforced sexual harassment policies then (why now?) because it's not fair to have that going around with out acknowledging it... hurt people's feelings man...

What my classmates in my chemistry class did was a prank - a good but huge, embarrassing one for me, but still a prank. I can accept that.

What happened to me at the hands (literally) of those students in Ms. Delgado's classroom when she left to find me something to wear, yes that was sexual harassment.

But I was wearing nothing but soaking wet undies. And even after the teacher returned, all she had was a sweater for me to put on. I had just been fondled, spanked and forcibly exposed. I just wanted to get out of there and home as soon as I could.

Yes, I could have reported it to Ms. Delgado. And what, stood there nearly half-naked for how much longer? Or I could have left and reported it the next day. Either way, it would have been my word against those other students.

Graduation was just a few weeks away and, besides, most everyone in my high school and seen the nude pics of me by that point anyway that had been circulating on and off since the prior November.

I was pretty much a laughingstock at school by that point. I also had a reputation that pretty much insured I'd get no sympathy from school administrators and, perhaps, most important of all, after nearly four years I had already seen how my school handled incidents of sexual harassment - which was pathetic.

With nothing to gain except more embarrassment and more humiliation, I was just glad to go home despite knowing I had basically got "owned" those younger students.

your brave

Wow, hot story! I think its great that now, looking back on it years later, you can laugh at it too, although you were obviously quite upset at the time.

that must been really tormenting and humiliating for you.

Few years back, I happened to watch this movie, it was vintage, probably form early 70's, when full frontal female nudity was one of the famous trends and girls use to keep really hairy bush with some real hardcore tan lines on their breasts, pubic regions and on their butts. The movie had two same kind of scenes with two different actresses one with a black hair and other with brown hair. It was shown that few rowdy girls had set them up both, to ***** in the science lab full of guys and gals, One with the black hair ******** to complete nude and got humiliated in front of her fellow classmates and then she ran out of the lab, later shown in the field with further degrading moments. The other girl, with brown hair was ******** to her white underwears, very skimpy bra and too little panties and was teased upon and as the retaliation for her humiliation she herself ripped off her bra and panties and stood their complete nude and said, that now when they have made her to ***** nude in the public and made a **** out of her so now they should find some real guys to Fucck her and to pleasure her.

It was great ENF scene with two beautiful nude brunette vintage girls but it was a movie. In the real life it must be totally mortifying.

How did your tormentors ended up, did they got detention or they were suspended.

You, friend Libby and the other girl, do they ever had to survive same kind of publicly nude humiliating situations.

Great story. I could imagine being there.

It is amazing how you took all this without feeling bitter against anyone. Hats off to you!

Oh, I never said that!

The prank was one thing and to be honest it's something I would have liked to have thought up and done to a few guys I knew.

But the two kids in Ms. Delgado's class? That sucked being owned liked that.

Get used to it, when you die, you're naked body will be poked and prodded by dozens of people, many of them men. I know, I work in a morgue.

i like the story, did you get exited at all then, or now thinking of it?

No, it was a humiliating experience. OK, having partaken in embarrassed guys I can appreciate the prank. The prank in my chemistry class was embarrassing and thankfully wasn't completely exposed.

But what the 9th graders did to me in Ms. Delgado's Spanish class when she left to get me some clothes was pretty degrading. It was bad enough just being nearly naked in front of everyone at first. Then that 14-year old boy fondling me and pulling down the back of my panties and swatting my bare butt in front of everyone.

And then to have my breasts forcibly exposed by that girl, who then as she was fondling my boobs, sarcastically commented - as if giving her own her own impromptu Spanish lesson for the others at my expense - ''¿Tiene Leche?'' Humiliating!

In thinking back, I am ashamed that I did nothing as they humiliated me. I felt helpless, wanting it to stop but not having the courage to demand them to stop. And then to not complain afterward to Ms. Delgado when she returned.

Not that I could have physically stopped them from doing practically anything they had wanted to further.

At least that happened before the days of camera phones.

oh yes, you were lucky in that regard...lol. Are you over it now?

Thankfully, no big deal was made of it. I had already been humiliated enough that year with the nude pics of me everyone had seen. And with my senior year winding down, it was just one more thing to get over.

Although the kids in my chemistry class who did that to me weren't friends, the teasing about it was relatively tame about it because I sucked it up and told them the next day, ''Yeah, you really got me good'' and tried to at least give the impression I was being a good sport about it.

My mom found out about it later, weeks after graduation. She was really ticked off about what the kids in Ms. Delgado's class did to me and she wanted to complain to the principal but I told her to forget it, it was over and I didn't want to deal with it anymore.

But as for me stripping down in chemistry class in the first place, it was more of ''Becky, that was cruel but you should have known better.''

Thankfully, my stepdad was out of the picture by that point. He would have just blamed it all on me anyway, and called me stupid or something and if he was still around and had his way I probably would have gotten punished.

Was it humiliating? Sure. Were my feeling hurt? Yeah. But given that nude pics of me had been circulating about school for months I felt that people were always completely undressing me everyday with their eyes anyway. Only that day more than just with their eyes.

And the truth is I was so scared of what I thought was corrosive 'acid' I would have finished stripping the rest of the way had that one girl not spoken up and said, ''You guys said you were only going to trick her into stripping to her underwear.''

Having unhooked my bra and holding it somewhat in front of me ready to drop it and with my panties halfway down I was practically as good as naked anyway.

During our ordeal with our nude pics in high school, my two girlfriends and I did retain an attorney to deal with the creeps (and their parents) who had humiliated us (and, if you're studying law, I'm sure you're aware of what confidential settlements entail?).

Later, when I confided to her about what had happened to me at the hands of my stepdad and my mom's divorce case and the custody battle and the spankings, etc., she told me about some of the child advocacy cases she had worked on.

When you hear some of the things that I heard, it breaks your heart. As as humiliated as I was feeling, my dignity shredded, my self-esteem shot, my reputation in the gutter, any sense of trying to maintain modesty seemingly futile, I couldn't do anything but take a step back and consider myself fortunate in comparison.

It is quite possible to structure a confidential settlement that doesn't surrender one's rights from discussing events but only bar one from speaking over whether any monetary compensation was provided as a result of those events.

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Thank you for commenting, Sierra.

You weren't the only one who wrote letters to newspapers. Nor am I surprise that you got harassed for doing so, either. Whoever that faculty member or perhaps a friend of teacher Lisa Lox was who sent you that letter was just trying to intimidate you.

But this incident just goes to show how powerful are the teachers' unions. If a Catholic priest or a Boy Scout trooper leader did what Lisa Lox did, CNN would have discussed it for months!

Instead, the incident was couple day story at most covered only by small community newspapers and then it was quietly swept under the rug. But I'm sure that poor, embarrassed boy had to endure a whole lot of ridicule about it for a lot longer period.

I don't know Lisa Lox and know little about her teaching record beyond what's available online. But what I do know from reading those news reports and that of the investigation is this: Lisa Lox unjustly humiliated a student in front of his entire class by ordering him to disrobe and I honestly believe that even had she given one more command that would have been complied with - ''underpants down'' - she STILL wouldn't have been fired.

Having a teacher like Lisa Lox would have been my worse nightmare! After all, if Ms. Lox had this boy down to his underpants in front of his whole class for merely participating in a class lesson, I surely would have fared much worse.

If I were her student that day instead and, if being treated the same way as the boy, she ordered me to remove my dress, blouse and bra in front of my whole class, being trustful and respectfully of school authorities I, though embarrassed, would have complied. The same if she instructed me to then pull down my panties. And may heaven have helped my poor bare bottom that day if Lisa Lox felt like demonstrating to everyone the most effective way to make me properly behave in class.

I will say there are FAR WORSE teachers than Lisa Lox. The distressing amount of sexual abuse, the full-body ***** searchers, the videotaping of naked students, making girls sit on buckets with their pants down and pee in front of their classmates in class, blind-folded girls made to participate in spoon-fed ''tasting'' contests, male principals who brutally paddle teenage girls on their buttocks, etc.

That 12-year old boy from Lisa Lox's social studies class is now around 21-years old and I hope that incident hasn't traumatized him. I hope he can reflect back on it now and just blush about it instead of being enraged or depressed. He has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Just as I said I would have, many other 12-year olds would have done the same thing he did: obey someone in authority over you at school, even if it meant standing there naked in front of our classmates.

Is Lisa Lox a horrible person? I can't answer that. That one incident certainly doesn't make her one in and of itself.

Maybe she showed remorse later. Maybe she apologized to the boy. Maybe she didn't.

But she SHOULD have. If she wasn't to be fired, then after a brief suspension WITHOUT pay, she should have gotten on stage in the school auditorium in front of the entire student body, faculty and parents and apologized to that boy. I'd even go far as to say let her keep her clothes on while doing so... well, that is only as much as she let the boy keep on.

Aren't you the infamous de-pantsing queen?

Have to agree with Thomas. Leaving a half-naked teenage girl alone in a classroom with a bunch of students wasn't very responsible of Mrs. Delgado. She might not have expected what happened, but she would have expected some teasing to happen. <br />
<br />
Sounded like she was teasing you a bit herself.

Again, I don't blame Ms. Delgado. Even if, say, she sent a student to find me something to wear, I doubt the student would have been quick about it. And she might not have wanted to dismiss her class either to leave me alone while going to find me clothes. I suppose she could have simply sent me to the assistant principal's office undress as I was to let him sort it all out, leaving me in a much more embarrassing situation. Even if it became obvious to me during the final days of the school year that she probably enjoyed my predicament, especially once she heard how it happened from my chemistry teacher, I don't feel she acted mean to me or irresponsible. Plus, I'm glad she was the one who caught me and told me to get into her classroom and not one of the male teachers!

Thank you for that beautiful story and the raging erection that went with it

Thank you for that beautiful story and the raging erection that went with it

Hi, Thomas. I'm not sure you understand what an utopia vision you have of large urban high schools (even private ones, like mine). Granted, this was seven years ago so things maybe have improved in a lot of schools as maybe they are dealing with sexual harassment better. But in our school, school officials and teachers turned a blind eye to it most of the time.<br />
<br />
I can't deny I wouldn't have later felt satisfied if the two students who harassed me had gotten punished. And if I already hadn't had the kind of previous two years I had, the humiliating spankings my stepdad gave me, my parent's divorce, the nude pics of me passed about school, those few minutes might have been more traumatic. But it was a mere few minutes and I already was a complete laughingstock at school.<br />
<br />
As the African-American 9th grade girl began fondling my breasts, she even gave her own impromptu Spanish lesson for the others at my expense, ''¿Tiene Leche?'' Listening to all the hoots and cat-calls as I was being forcibly exposed was humiliating and shameful and I was resigning myself that I'd probably end up totally naked, too (and probably would have if it lasted a few more minutes). But I was also knew Ms. Delgado would arrive back any moment, which she did.<br />
<br />
Whether she sensed I had been teased or worse while she was gone, I do not know although I'm she she noticed my wedgie and that I had to retrieve my bra from the floor (as it had fallen from my hands when the girl exposed my breasts to everyone). I'm sure the reason why no one in the class told her what had just happened was out of fear of getting everyone in trouble. But neither was I about to either. I was just happy to see her return with a sweater for me to put on.<br />
<br />
But her amusement at my embarrassing predicament aside, Ms. Delgado did nothing inappropriate. She surely can't be blamed for what those kids did after she left the classroom for those few minutes. Also, she initially had no idea what had happened to me. All she was certain of was that she had just caught me near her classroom - as school was letting out - wearing nothing but a pair of panties and a bra. She also knew who I was and had heard what happened earlier in the school year. Even if she didn't know the whole story, she likely did not think highly of me because of the reputation I had acquired. Remember, initially, she was going to take me to the assistant principal's office because she doubted my story of how I ended up undressed. It was only after running into my chemistry teacher while going to get me something to wear that she realized I was telling the truth.<br />
<br />
When I later talked about it with my friends, one of them said she should have sent one of her students to get me something to wear. Another said what you did, until my friend Lori pointed out that wouldn't have solved the issue of my undressed state.<br />
<br />
BTW, the students in Ms. Delgado's classroom were there for after-school tutoring. So they wouldn't have been dismissed for the rest of the day. It wasn't her full-class; most of them had already left.

Hi, Thomas. To be honest, I have to admit if I had the chance there were a few guys I would have liked to have pranked the same way if given the opportunity. Though at the time I wasn't too happy. It was more embarrassing later, I think, having people think I was so gullible than being undressed in front of everyone in class. I don't blame my chemistry teacher at all. Thank goodness he didn't send me to the office or something! I had suggested I had clothes in my locker; he excused me for the rest of the period (the last of the day). So I had though, great, I'd grab my sweater, put it on and then wait in the parking lot for my friends. It just didn't work out that way. As for Ms. Delgado, she actually saved me from a whole lot more embarrassment, as the last bell had just rang. So either it was her telling me to get in the classroom or hundreds of students would have soon seen me. Although I was humiliated, what happened inside the classroom after she left to find me some clothes was preferable to being caught in front of the whole school. Of course, she didn't exactly hide her amusement when she returned after learning how I ended up without my clothes. As for what her students did to me, I was just glad the day was over. The school year was nearly over too and I had already been through enough.

you're very brave to have handled such a difficult situation the way you did. I've been bullied and tormented too---if it were me I'd be filing lawsuits and ruining those kids lives. You took it gracefully,even though the odds were against you.

I also would like to see her shame and humiliation, when she is made to remove her bra and showing her boobs.

I know, being already 17, she was forced to remove her clothes and showing her naked boobs to all the boys most have been humiliating. That´s what I loved to see.

We get it. You like women being humiliated. This isn't a fantasy though, this is someone sharing their experiences.

Has been a nice prank and you have allready droped your bra showing your naked breast to the boys. Wish I could have seen it.

Hi, NudyDude. Thankfully, there weren't many people in the lobby, only about a half dozen dozen, maybe a few more in the pool area we passed through, including a few topless women, on the way to the lobby. Although I'm sure some of the guests noticed us, no one gawked at us or anything. That is until as the clerk started leading us to our rooms and a woman walked by us with two young sons, one of whom yelled out, ''Look, mommy! Those two ladies don't have any clothes on!'' That attracted a few looks for sure and my friend Libby, who was already embarrassed enough, froze and tried to cover herself. That got a couple of giggles before she realized to herself: why just stand there, get out of there. As we walked down the hallway to our room, I couldn't help but tease her a little myself. Which got me a prompt swat on my bare behind.<br />
<br />
As for our bikinis, we hadn't wore them down to the beach that day (we had done so a day earlier, when checking the place out). So walked down there just in our towels, which was kind of the point. We had earlier agreed among ourselves, no covering up while on the beach. Libby had wanted to wear her bikini and ***** it off later, but we wouldn't let her. But yes we still sunbathed nude after that. We weren't going to let one rat spoil our trip.<br />
<br />
Ironically, after initially only planning to go nude one day just for fun and to complete a dare we had challenged ourselves to, we probably spent more time on the beaches during the rest of our trip either nude or topless than we did in our swimwear.

Hi, powerman2000. I can't say anything bad about how my chemistry teacher handled it. Once he realized I had been pranked and was quite embarrassed, he dismissed me from class. The Spanish teacher who caught me later as I was about to make a dash for the parking lot and wait for my girlfriend, same thing. She could have just as well have marched me to the assistant principal's office in just my wet undies to let him figure it all out, but she didn't.<br />
<br />
As for the other students, I didn't have any of my friends in the chemistry class, as it was mostly juniors and a few sophomores, which didn't help matters given that I was a senior and my reputation had taken some hits the past couple of years at school. I didn't know any of the kids who Ms. Delgado had staying after school in her Spanish I class and, again, they were all younger than me and I was vulnerable and basically at their mercy when the teacher left to get me something to wear.<br />
<br />
As for what happened at the beach, the four of us had no choice but to walk back to our hotel naked. We waited it out as long as we could for more people to leave the pool area which led to both the lobby and the beach and from what we could see into the lobby. But when it started to get dark, ultimately two of us had to walk in and go up to the front desk. We didn't have to worry about being arrested since being topless there was acceptable out at the pool and even on the way to and from it. Full nudity, though, was more likely to get a request from staff to cover up down below. But since our ID's were in our hotel room, we couldn't 'prove' to the desk clerk who were were, so he couldn't just give us new keys. He instead accompanied us to our room and once there, then my friend Libby and I each put on a robe and brought two more downstairs to our friends who were still naked and waiting for us on the beach. Though we were pretty pissed, it didn't spoil the rest of our vacation.

That was really some prank, but taken way too far into mean territory. If I had been there, I would have looked, but I would have also given you a jacket.<br />
<br />
Too bad some of your teachers and classmates didn't like you very much. At least you got more self-confidence afterward, so you could hit the nude beach. <br />
<br />
How did you get back to the hotel without your keys or anything on, without them calling the cop?

Hi, NudyDude,<br />
<br />
Even I had to admit the prank my classmates pulled on me in chemistry class was pretty good. Might not be saying that if I had ended up completely nude in front of everyone, but if given the chance to be in on the know if classmates pulled that on one of the guys instead of on me, I'm quite sure I wouldn't have warned the victim and would have let him ***** completely. Of course, I didn't appreciate getting briefly owned and felt up later by those damned 9th graders though.<br />
<br />
I'm still pissed at what those other jerks did to us (circulating our nude pics in high school that previous fall). But, yes, most of the other stuff that happened to me I can look back and laugh about it - or at least blush with a small resigned smile.<br />
<br />
Though I don't think I'd write a book about myself - lol - , I think writing about and discussing those things openly have helped me get over them. I think, too, what also helped is that during that process I also became more aware of far worse things that have happened to others, things that nightmares are about.<br />
<br />
The humiliating things early on in life you just learn to live with. Or at least I learned to put them into perspective. It's part of growing up and for better or worse they help shape the person you become. I think most people who've done things they've regretted, certainly I have anyway, think back and wonder ''what if...''<br />
<br />
I guess if anything I probably have to say I was lucky in a strange sort of way that I had some really embarrassing incidents growing up, the diapering and several spankings by my first and second grade teachers, being shamed in front of my class after being caught flashing my panties in 6th grade at some boys on the playground, getting paddled in front of my girlfriend's stepbrother his friends about a week later for misbehaving and having swatted another mother's young boy on his bottom with a ping-pong paddle, etc.<br />
<br />
Maybe in a way karma was being kind in preparing me for high school, but I'd have to admit sometimes by own behavior was the catalyst for my own embarrassment. Sometimes I was lucky. When I reacted impulsively to a little brat having untied my bikini top in a public pool when I was almost 15 by swimming after him and pulling down the back of his swim trunks and swatting his bare butt when he tried to climb out of the pool, his mother could have been upset at me instead of at her son. If she had reacted like the mother of that other boy a few years earlier, and spanked me bottomless instead of her son, I would surely have regretted it.<br />
<br />
But it's weird how things turn out, though. Even back in early in my high school years I'd have told anyone they were absolutely crazy if they predicted that during college I'd go walking down a nude beach with my girlfriends without a stitch on fully aware of any number of guys gawking at me without me dashing for immediate cover.<br />
<br />
But even now it still sometimes feels like sometimes I've make things worse for myself, not that they initially would seem to have been heading in that direction. One day a few years back on that nude beach when my three girlfriends and I were sunning ourselves and spotted a pervert trying to take pics of us as we lay on our backs, knees up facing the cool sea breeze, we naturally reacted swiftly and decisively and went running after the creep and chased him down after a couple hundred yards chase. My friend Belinda tackled him and tore his shorts in half while my friend Libby grabbed his camera and put her all-star softball pitching arm to good use, hurling it far into the water. After the now-naked dirty rat scrambled free with the remains of his shorts and ran off to our laughter and taunts we slowly walked back, high-fiving and congratulating ourselves, and returned in the other direction down the beach to our sunning spot, only to find our towels (and our hotel key card!) gone.