I Undress My Wife In Her Sleep...

When we go away my wife likes to sleep till we get there. She always wears clothes that I can easily remove while I am driving. She enjoys knowing that I am showing her body to people. I will drive along side of trucks and have a light on if it's dark so they can see her nice ******* and meaty ***** hanging out.
Our last trip we talked about it in depth and she let me show her **** to people as we drove and she even got the nerve to ********** beside a truck while he watched. It is great knowing that guys and girls like to see her show off!!! She even wears shorts that when she sits down her ***** lips push out the sides for people to see and she loves knowing they are looking.
I am trying to get her to let me take pics so I can post them cause she is so hot and I know people will get off good over her. Hope to show you soon!!!!!
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Aug 19, 2010