Undressing For Friends

My husband and i do this regularly, We used to do it and use drink as an excuse but now we seem to be doing it with a little drink involved my husbands friend even buys me the underwear that he wants me to wear for him on the night Although this has been going on for some time we have never been a ********* just a bit heavy (ends up ******* in my pants) it is the foreplay that is so exciting i do not give ******** i do not never will snowball i am just an old fashioned girl who likes to enjoy my self and loves exciting others and another thing before i go even writing about this is exciting and i am getting a bit wet
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4 Responses Oct 15, 2010

Your husband's friend is a very lucky guy!

My wife and I do this too regularly, but I am the one who undresses. This is with some of our special women friends and they love to see me in sexy lingerie.

i go looking for this all the time...

Nothing wrong with exploring your exhibitionist tendancies... even better when you have a voyeur to provide you with an appreciative audience!