Thoughts To Him

Thoughts to him:

You see, we are perfect for each other.

I don't know about you, but my heart races and just the thought of our short time makes me smile. My heart has not raced this much in years, its like im on a sugar high that i have to wait until it goes away. And just like the sugar high, its a process, it fades and as it fades, my body feels weak, my ears feel hot and my mind becomes dizzy.

But our lives are in two completely different paths, you are on your way to your goals and i am with mine. honestly, i have involuntarily been waiting, i have set aside my heart to focus on school, and i know what i want now, someone like you one day. it will have to wait, and now that we are in two different paths, we will drift, we cannot be together, at least not right now. because we messed up from the beginning. We each fell in love with each others lips and rushed through time as if we have known each other from the start. Now thinking into the past, i would have fallen deeply in love with you, because our small relationship was a mild heartbreak, i don’t think i could handle losing you completely.
LegendofKitten LegendofKitten
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012