I Can't Talk To My Wife.

This might seem strange but i just can't talk to my wife, i just clam up and the words just won't come out, then after i feel really frustrated that i couldn't say anything. I guess it's mostly because of the way things have been in the past especially with her bad temper and anger if i have conditioned myself to be careful with what i say to try and keep the peace. I feel that more women could probably relate to what i feel as in most cases its the guy who is angry violent and bad tempered. It does make me feel a little bit pathetic that things are like this, like i am made to feel that it's my fault she acts this way.
I am very calm and easy going and ive never been violent or anything like that to her, it's just most people don't think that abuse and anger is ained to guys by women. I just can't find a way to say what i want can anyone help me?
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

It is the other way around for me. I cant talk to my husband. He gets mad, walks away, hangs up on me, or says hurtful things. From one day to the next, I do not know if he will be nice or mad at me. We used to talk. Now our conversations are void. He has lost intimacy with me and has broken me down emotionally. I just joined this site and I have begun to think I need to open my mouth and say how I feel instead of being scared of being hurt by his words. Everything I do or say seems to make him mad. If you figure out a way to talk, please forward to me as I am in the same situation. I have one foot out of the door as they say, only he is unaware because I cant speak to him openly about my feelings. Best of luck to repairing this issue with your wife.