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my wife asks me things but its clear from the outset she only wants one answer, what she wants,an example of this was last night she asked me if i wanted a meal with her parents,i have been stalling over the last week or so to give an answer, so i told her i wasnt really bothered about the meal and i didnt want it. Wwll of course i knew that it wouldnt go down well, and then she started guilting me out saying that her parents had already bought meat to cook for the meal,then she said i know you dont like me but dont take it out on my parents.
This morning she said , i guess i will have to ring my parents and tell them you dont want their meal.
Its aways this way with any question she asks me,its like she asks my opinion but if its different from what she wants then the moods start,another example is if we go shopping and she sees some clothes that she likes it might be a couple of pairs of trousers she will say, which should i get i will suggest one pair and she says but i like the others also, so i say if you like them the best get that pair.
What she really wants is both pairs but sometimes we just cant afford both, so if she cant choose and i wont pick for her, the reaction is she will say "oh **** it i wont bother getting any of them" and we usually leave, with her in a mood and thats the rest of the day ruined,we usuallly go home soon after ,then at home she will say "i should have bought those trousers,but you wouldnt help me"
This is what every situation is like no matter how small or trivial and im close to cracking up
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your wife is a bit of a spoiled *****, and you have likely perpetuated that for years. At this point in the game, not sure what can be done for it, my dear man. I wish you the best of luck

i am to blame for some of it yes ive allowed this to get to this stage, not saying no, and when i have done in the past, the moodiness has been relentless so i usually caved just for some peace