It's Sitting In the Garage

we were going to get one of those fancy new flat screen tvs, so I moved ours out of the living room and got rid of the entertainment center. Our plan was to put the new tv mounted to the wall to have less floor impact.

No tax money coming back this year.

TV is still in the garage.

We are putting cable on hold

I've browsed *hulu*... it's ok

Kids can watch some of their shows on the 'puter still

I was never a really big big fan of tv before anyway

Most of my news I get from the www

It's nice not having to arrange your living space around an electronic device.

....... 3 weeks and counting....


seismicunloc seismicunloc
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I hope we can stick with it.<br />
<br />
I'm sure eventually we'll get our tv - it's only a matter of time. But maybe until then we'll get into the habit of doing a lot of other things in its place for entertainment.

i wish i could do that in my house. we have flat screens, plasmas. they get hot, chew energy, and overall rule the entertainment area. I wish that I could get rid of them and just have radio and interwebs.<br />