I Edit My Stories!

I edit my stories often because the internet connection will go off if I don't click submit within a few mins or sometimes just a couple of mins so I'm typing like mad, should really use pen and paper first.

2nd go: So I'm doing that right now.

It's always worth waiting a few minutes or you would have to reread everything to get the whole story. I worry what people might think when they read stories that ar not even half complete.

3rd go:

Some stories are not complete in themselves anyway. A lot of stories need to have other info attatched that you can only get from previous stories, some are just like chapters. We all write such short stories anyway. I would like to see less one sentence stories, and write a bit better myself.


Editing allows me to build up a decent length story.


And add little details.

demonizd demonizd
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I fixed this problem anyway I found a way of getting around it when the connection fails.

just a suggestion - why don't you type your story in Word or something and then copy and paste it when it's ready?