My First ******* Was 2nd Grade.....

Her name was Erma. Her parents were migrant workers from Mexico. She started 'flashing her panties' on the playground and really liked the way boys reacted to it. Later, she started doing it in the classroom when the teacher wasnt looking. One day I as headed to lunch another boy said "arn't you going to stay in the classroom and look up Ermas' dress?" I stayed behind and was shocked to see Erma sitting on her desk and taking nickels from about 5-6 boys and then letting them see her panties. She asked if I wanted a peek and I said I dont have a nickels and she laughed and said "you can peek for free....and I did. Suddenly, there were about ten boys staying in the room at lunch time and giving thier milk money to Erma to get a look up her dress. before the year was over, she had progressed to taking her panties off and letting us see her bare, hairless ***** cost a quarter. We took turns quarding the door until Erma had all thier lunch money. She never charged me once. I would go home and dream about her ***** and beat my little ****** till it was raw. Later the next year Erma and I were crossing quards and the subject came up about her never charging me...she said, ''well, what I really wanted you to do was touch my ***** and rub it some''......all that summer, at the edge of the playground behind some bushes Erma let me touch her all I wanted. She and I would ********** each other about once a week. It wasnt till high school that we had sex at her house. It was sooo cool since we had both waited so long to do it. Erma....I think of her ***** to this day.
hanznmypanz hanznmypanz
46-50, M
Nov 17, 2010