Sex With My Classmate

i was 16 when i had my first view of a girls *****
it was saturday, i went to school as there was special class but when i reached there only girls was there , and they said that they are going to a programm , so i decided to go then my teacher told me to stay back
she told me that one of the girl is tired so she asked me if i can stay back and look after her,she was my classmate,
then i said her to lay down on the bench,and i did my homeworks,,after sometime i went to check on her then i realised that she was sleeping so i turn over and walked but i flash came in my mind , i just moved near her slowly ,she was in her unifrom (skirt up tp knee, shirt and an overcoat) i slowl at near her and lifted her skirt,i saw her black panty , which covered her beautiful white *****,then i sniffed it and slid down her panty then i licked it suddently she woke up ,then she saw wht i have done , i try to saw sorrry to her but she put her panty back and ran to the girls toilet,i was confused because she went on crying so i followed her then i stoped infront of the girls toilet door but i entered it and i saw her legs below the door then when i looked she has fallen on the floor becuz she was ill , and i raised her and her body was covered with the pee present in the toilet
i took her to my class i told her to clean her self then she told me that she like me a lot that i came back for her
then with her permission i removed her dress everything including her panty and i washed it for her (using water just to remove the pee)
then she was nude princess infront of me then to be even i turned nude too
then she told my that she want to touch my hard co ck then i likced her puss and she sucked my **** and i c u m in her mouth and then i went for a ride in her puss then i cummed in her nude body (not inide pus sy )
thats my fav girl in my classs now also she shows me her puss
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Fantastic experience worth having it

This story is most likely not true. A man has a wait period between each ******.

How should i attract my sexy classmate to do sex with me she is ****** up before by some other guy

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the **** did i just read