My Cousin Came To Live With Us...

When I was 12, and I think I had an erection 24/7. My parents just had a TV with regular reception, no VCR, and my naughty materials were composed of catalogs of women's clothing. I treasured a Victoria's Secret catalog. Basically, even cleavage made me horny because that was about all I got to see.

My parents were out one night and my cousin got home - she was 17 or so and staying with us because she couldn't get along with her parents. The TV was in her room and I was watching MASH and *SIGHS* jacking off to hot lips hulahan because that's how desperate I was. When the door opened I jammed junior back into my pants and my cousin came in. She busted the room and acted all pissed off that I was in her room and then she laughed. She was drunk as hell.

She went to the bathroom and chugged some water and came in a sat beside me. She started teasing me about not having a girlfriend and sorts of crap, she was as annoying as an older sister - and I wasn't used to it because I didn't have any siblings. She started talking about her idiot boyfriend while I was trying to watch MASH. After enough complaints I asked why she still dated him. She was really tired and went from sitting to lying on the couch corner with her legs up near mine. She started explaining and then started crying.

I put my hand on her shoulder in a confused attempt to try and comfort her and then she grabbed my shirt and cried into it for a while and then started crying over my shoulder. It was sort of awkward for me, plus she was pressing her boobs up against me which gave me major wood. Eventually she drunkenly called me the best cousin ever blah blah blah and went to sleep on the couch.

I looked over at her having scooted to my end of the couch. Her feet were up against me and her knees were up. Then I realized she wasn't wearing any underwear. I was like a dog in heat. I had never actually seen a woman like this. I unzipped my fly and started stoking. I shot almost immediately but I kept going - I didn't even lose wood. Her legs parted as she snored and I shot again. I must have jerked off five or six times looking at her in all her glory. I felt bad about it afterwords for a while, but I also knew I just didn't have the control not to enjoy the situation.
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Oct 1, 2011