Car Trouble

One morning my wife was leaving for work but her car wouldn't start. The two old brothers that lived across the street saw she was having problems, came over to offer help. Both of these old guys are in their late seventies. When they got to her car she said they couldn't keep their eyes off her pantyhosed legs. As usual her skirt had ridden way up her thighs. One guy looked under the hood while the other old man stayed by the driver door. They took turns back and forth, presumably enjoying my wife's leg show. When the car wouldn't start she got out and couldn't help but give them more of a show as her skirt rode even higher when she stepped out of the drivers seat. She thanked them anyway but called a taxi. They offered her a ride but she would have to sit in the middle because they had an old pick up truck with no back seat. She was in a hurry so she cancelled the cab and climbed in. By now the skirt had ridden so far up the old guys couldn't keep their eyes on the road and to make matters worse it was a manual transmission so every time the old man shifted his hand was basically between her ******* legs. She said that when he pulled the shifter back his arm was almost at the hem of her skirt. They dropped her off at worked and you can imagine the ******* view they got when she got out. She thanked them for the ride and they said "no, thank you"
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well i know for sure my hand would have slipped off the gear shift and gone all the way up...

I don't know how this didn't go further. They had to have raging hardons. If I were the driver, one way or another my hand would have wound up against her crotch rubbing her ***** every time that I shifted. As the passenger I would have been all over her body, top to bottom. <br />
All of this of course would be with her consent and enjoyment also.

She may have been a little late. I not only would have a hardon, My head would be reeling from the sent of her wet *****. Is she shaven? We both are, and my wife loves attention also.

Just one accidental slip off the shifter, and against her *****. Hopefully it wouldn't be over, but just the beginning of a long friendship with benefits.

So we are in north western NJ Where in NY are you? Would love to meet somewhere mutually convenient, like a diner. We could take a table and you sit next to my wife, and I sit next to yours. If the feelings are mutual we could play around. Just teasing, or whatever we all agree to.

Do you two ever get down this way?

Maybe if she knew what was planned she might be willing to make the trip. Wife and I could meet you both near where you are staying. Anything could happen at this point.
I can just imagine her glistening wet ***** flashing me. Me not believing what I am seeing and grabbing my crotch and squeezing. She looks back, smiles, and licks her lips.
My wife and you seeing this slides her hand across your **** and massages it. You excuse yourself and head to the men's room. My wife follows you in and gives you the best ******* you have ever had.

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I'm sure they jerked off right after dropping her! First the female, then the load! It is very pleasant for older men to see beautiful nude females.

Damn, sure would have been hot of she gave the old farts a thrill by gropong their crotches both at same time!

They were probably close to a massive heart attack anyhow hehe