Great ******* At Work

A few weeks ago i was at work and a young girl, her friend and her mother came in to shop. I over heard some of the conversation and the girls were catching up, as one was saying she was glad to be on break from college and back in town seeing her friends and family. I guessed she was either 18 or 19. She was very attractive. Very fit, brown hair and eyes, medium sized breasts and a firm round ***. She was wearing a tight sweater, and a very short black skirt. She was in college but still had braces but the did not detract from her good looks. i dont know if she was doing these things on purpose or just didnt know how to move in a skirt but my coworker and I got a couple great views of her body. I was talking with my female coworker when she and her friend and mother came in. I took a look at them because they were all attractive and my coworker noticed that i had done so. A few moments after they came in, the were standing about 20 feet from where we were facing away from us. The girl with the skirt bent over to look at something. She 'straight legged it' as I refer to it, bending over at the waist without bending the knees. with her short skirt we could see that she was wearing a black thong, we go a full view of her *** and could see her ***** cupped by the thong. My coworker laughed and said wow, youre not supposed to bend over like that in a skirt that short. We had a good laugh and went on with our conversation. They went on through the store, out of sight. A about 10 minutes later i went through the store to the break room and walked past the group again. The mother was paying at the register and the two girls were sitting on a small set of 3 stairs next to the cash register. The girl with the skirt was not sitting with her knees together like most women in a skirt that short would. She was sitting on the middle step with her feet on the first, causing her knees to be level with her shoulders. her feet were about 18 inches apart, her knees were probably the same distance apart too. This combination of the legs apart and knees up gave a unobstructed view of her *****. I dont know if her thong was too small or it had moved while she sat down but the crotch of her underwear was about half way up her *****, causing the string part of her thong to be between her lips. Where the crotch was still covering her *****, it had sort of wedged itself between her plump lips so that I could see her whole ***** with just a thin bit of black lace wedged in her slit. From what I could see, which was everything, there was no hair to be found. I walked past and made it to the break room. I was there for a minute and walked past again. They were behind me as i passed this time but I could not help but turn around and take another look. I looked and she had not adjusted or moved and I got another great view of her ***** with fabric bearly covering half her slit, with her nice juicy lips on either side, as well as her nice *** cheeks directly below. I told my coworker about it when I returned and she thought it was hilarious and said, 'she really needs a lesson in wearing a skirt or she wants to show her goodies off.' I was thinking that the latter of the 2 was the truth.
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Omfg this is fantastic

Mmmmm another another UNDERSTANDING young Lady brightening somebody's day!!
ZL00py .