In the Late 60's

It was in the late sixties and mini skirts were the top of the fashion world. I had just started to work part time at major retail store in my home town while going to college and was walking out for lunch one Saturday. I had to pass the ladies shoe department and glanced to my left when I saw one of the young college guys there helping a really cute girl with her shoes.

I had to stop and watch because she was wearing a very short skirt and was doing her best to show off her legs and everything else. Quite scandelous in those days in the south.

As I watched, I noticed the white of her panties flashing from accross the room. He had also noticed, but being the young gentleman that he was he was doing his best not to look. Kept looking from one side to the other.

She was enjoying every minute of it, and so was I since I missed my lunch break because of her.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I sometimes wear short skirts, I have heard of the 60's but well before my time I am only 29, girls will always be inclined to exhibit nowadays a bit of a thrill.

I remember the sixties mini skirt and all it was a marvellous time???