Fantastic ******* In Bristol City Centre Today!

Walking through the Saint Nick's Market area of Bristol this lunchtime, it was crowded as usual. By one of the nails (if you know the area you'll know exactly where I mean) there was a stunning Meditteranean-looking woman - flawless, darkly tanned skin, long, jet black hair - down on her haunches fussing someone's dog. As I walked past I got a fantastic full-on view up her short dark wine-red skirt. She had the most fantastic thighs, black panties and - best of all - black lace-top stockings! I wanted to kiss her ***** there and then!

I think she must have realised what a good view she was giving because when I turned to look back she had stood up and was bending down to fuss the dog. But too late - the view up her skirt was already destined to appear on EP!


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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Love this type of oppertunity.....had a similar experience in the shopping centre of Blackburn....lots of schoolgirls (of legal age) giving loads of ******* oppertunities. I've never known a shopping centre designed to give so many oppertunities....brilliant. Get yourself to Blackburn (UK)

Lovely story. I can appreciate the view. Love the stocking bit. Will have to keep that in mind as I'm always happy to pet a dog. Not much of an exhibitionist but as I get older, I don't mind as much as I used to.