While Hubbys Away

As I've been posting in my stories since joining EP, I'm travelling on business. My beautiful wife has a B/F that shes been seeing for the past 9 months. Last night was the first time that he's been able to arrange to stay over night. He arrived at 1 pm and they basically ****** untill 3 pm the next day, with small breaks to either rest or sleep (which wasnt very much). She shared the fact that it was the first time that they actually made love instead of just *******. He brought her to over 20 ******* (she couldn't remember all of them) but I think that it must of been the best sex she'd ever experienced because she kept thanking me for allowing her to have an affair. Her B/F is 15 years younger than her and is married, so is very unlikely that the affair would go anywhere, but I can't help having twinges of worry that she now knows what it's like to have another man that she feels for.

After ******* her for 3 hours solid, he went to sleep with his **** inside of her (so initimate ). They also had their first 69, during which he made her ****** 3 times.

I hope I havent ****** up........

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I think with a lot of women it is a risky thing. However, if you have complete love and trust, and she can look at it as "just *******", it can be fantastic. My wife and I have been doing this for years and we both continue to enjoy every time she get ******. My favorite thing is eating her freshly ****** ***** when she returns from a date.

I know the feelings....frankly it is a little scary. Still I would love to know its happening. For me it would even be better to lay next to them as he falls asleep inside her. I crave the experience of feeling and hearing my wife being taken in th night by her lover as I an next to them.....I'd probably pretend I'm sleeping and just let them play. That never fails to make me hard! I think the best sex for the wife is lovemaking......I want her to have feelings for her lover. To me it seems she would be more expressive/responsive.

hi. Can i sleep with her with my hard 8incher inside of her and wake her up to ******* galore? ill just *** and *** and *** all in and on her as she will look like a glazed donut! lols!

Being unsure is part of the rush! ENJOY!

She tells me every juicy detail :-)

Did she describe all this to you in detail, you are a lucky man.

Thank you all for your comments. Unfortunately I have not been present at any of her sessions with the current (still on going) B/F with a BBC. but she does tease and fill me in.<br />
<br />

She would love to becum pregnant. Both of us would not mind if it turned out to be his baby. LOL

I would try to set up hide video to capture some of it if he was in my house. If I couldn\'t see some of it in person then that would be my concession. I\'d especially love to have a video of when she conceives.....I know that would be unlikely.