How It Happened Last Night

More often than not I wet myself while asleep. I always have, I suppose I always will. I doesn't bother me anymore. Usually when it happens I don't even realize it, I just wake up in the morning with a wet diaper. Sometimes I will wake up having to pee, maybe leaking a little bit, so hustle to the bathroom. But last night was different. I woke up while I was flooding my diaper. It was a strange feeling, being half-awake, having no control with urine rushing out. It was over before I was awake enough to stop it.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I also have some wetting times in the daytime it has gotten to the point iwear pullups every parents shamed me when i was growing up and had wetting accidents i am still very shameful i guess i havent come to grips on my wetting problems

I also wake up sometimes when having a bed wetting and also just fall back to sleep and find myself very wet in the am

I sometimes wake while peeing and then just drift back to sleep but usually I know nothing till morning.