Wetter The Bed.

I like to wet myself and to wet in strange places, they all give me fun, but nowhere that I **** gives me so much pleasure and sexual excitement as wetting the bed.

Though i enjoy pee-play, my wife is all prudishly against it. But I'm trying at least to get her to accept that I pee and especially that I wet the bed.

A typical night is going to bed with my wife. There is no sex; she stopped me having **** sex ten years ago and now I don't even get to see her **** or ****. We chat and then off to sleep. I often have a brief nap and usually wake to the sound of my wife sleeping. I pull the cover aside, exposing my stiffening ***** and begin to ****. I won't be desperate to pee because I always empty before bed (sadly). But soon my wanking  dreams makes me want to wet myself, which I can't because I have an erection!

There is now the devine wait while I try not to think of sex long enough for my ***** to soften. When eventually it does, I like to relax. Relax slowly and completely, till even my pee hole relaxes and I feel the burning heat of new **** running from my *****. I used to let this **** wet the bottom of my vest, pull the **** wetted vest under my crotch and **** off. But one night, I had peed a bit too much and some started to run down my belly. It ran down and down under my crotch. The tickling sensation was terrific and soon I could feel a wet patch at my bum.

Since then, though, of course, I still wet my vest, I nearly always now wet the bed. A couple of spurts under my crotch, one or two burst up my belly to run under me. The more **** I let out, the more I want to be wet. How I envy those who can wet a full bladder onto their bed and lay in it all night.

Since her child bearing days we have always had a mattress protector on the bed. We also have an electric blanket, divide in two halves (her side and mine). After the first few wettings my wife confronted me and accused me of being dirty (No I'm worse than that!)

Every time she washed the sheets she would complain, but gradually the complaining has stopped. She hasn't complained for a couple of months, which is encouraging me to make my bed even wetter! The last time she washed the sheet the pee satins didn't all come out, they were quite visible when I helped her put the 'clean' sheets back on the bed: But she made no comment.

I'm hoping soon she will acknowledge that she knows I pee in our bed, but that she no longer minds, and gives me permission to do a really big ****, all in the bed.

Occasionally she is away, then I can take greater liberties, but still have to get the bed dry before she gets home. We don't have a ceiling fan, I do this by keeping on the electric blanket and using my hair dryer, but not before stooping to take one last longing sniff of the lovely pee smell.

ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
Feb 17, 2010