Potties Were Once Essential.......

Not just in the olden days when the only toilet was at the bottom of the garden. When I grew up we had indoor sanitation but there were a number of potties in the house as well.

I had a larger child's one until I was about 15. I didn't use it that much as I grew older but it was used at times of emergency - for instance if I woke in the act of starting to pee the bed I could reach it and save most of the damage - I wouldn't have made it to the bathroom without weeing on the floor as I went.

My parents had one too and I have seen my mum sitting on it many times but dad would hold it in front of himself to pee. If asked I think both would say they only used it for emergencies, but it was a cold house so a quick and easy way of gaining relief was always tempting.

Strangely there was no toilet paper associated with the potties - although they were used for "no.2's" if it was urgent. There was also a pottie in a cupboard near the downstairs toilet "in case someone needed to go when it was occupied. This was mainly used by lady visitors when the house was full as men and children usually went out to "water the garden" if there was queue.

My pottie was made of blue anodised aluminium and the thing I remember most about it was that it was always very cold to the touch of my bottom.

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I'm of an age to have used a chamber pot in my bedroom until my late teens, not only to pee in but also regularly to sit on and do number two. It was porcelain so not cold on my bottom, better than our outside toilet when raining or in winter. As you said there was never any toilet paper; after number two I'd just pull up my trousers, didn't give it a second thought.

I wasn't given any underwear; school shirts in the UK at the time were pulled on over the head, not buttoned all down the front as modern shirts are. They had long tails back and front and my mum thought my shirt tails would catch any poop stains. She was wrong; I got poop stains inside my trousers instead.

I was brought up in that age too. We didn't have a proper bathroom, just an out side privy and a tin bath. I think it is one of the reason I was left in nappies at night .