We Buy Tons and It Just Disappears

Probably doesn't help that we use it as tissues when we run out and sometimes clean the sink with it lol.

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4 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Lol Oh yeah, ain't that the truth! <br />
In my defense lol I lived with a girl in my residential college at uni for two years and we never had one problem, even though she spent 3 to 5 hours a day in the bathroom lol and I used to have long showers at 3am lol. <br />
But the girl I lived with the second time... she had no soul. I swear it. *shivers at the memory* She was insane... loving to break peoples things and bite people or shave them and threaten people and their stuff and steal their money and scream if you ever weren't paying attention to her for more than five seconds (oh yes, I am being literal there :S) It was just.... hell with running water basically lol.

LOL Most of the time it was fine.... a few little bitchy moments but Im still friends with most of the girls I lived with over the years. So that says something! Im not sure I found girls any more difficult than boys might have been - sometimes its just PEOPLE that are annoying!

LOL Crafty neighbours!<br />
5 girls??? What was that like... good, bad or hell on earth lol? I shared a bathroom quite happily with a girl on college, but the time I actully lived with one I could have rung her neck with a smile on my face...

I lived in a flat with 5girls once - man we went through sooooo much toliet paper - I swear the neighbours were reaching in the window and stealing it!