A Rocky Start But Smooth Sailing From There.

I started using the diva cup about 3 or 4 months ago... for my first actual period with it i had a kidney stone AND i was sleeping over at a friend's house so it was a pretty bad experience. Basically i didn't put it in right and i started leaking. I wasn't used to using it yet so i wasn't removing it properly- i just tried to pull without breaking the seal first and it would hurt like HECK to remove. And on top of that i had a weird pain in my lower region that i thought was from having it in incorrectly (i found out later that my stone had reached my bladder though and that was what the pain was. TMI?) All this while i was trying to be super discreet about it because i was at my friend's place.

After that first harrowing period, though, the cup has been perfect. I feel like such a pro now haha. the weird thing is... after i got the cup, i kept accumulating more and more pads?? Like, i dont even NEED them but somehow i have three packages of them now. Crazy. I just dont know what to do with them.

I am so glad i went through with getting a cup and now i never have to buy disposable products again, or carry them with me, or worry about TSS if i forget about a tampon, or have smelly, gross pads. And as a bonus (?) I learned a lot about my architecture down there. I feel weirdly enlightened.

For anyone who is on the fence about it... just try it. And don't just do a dry run and give up. It could take a sort of epiphany but once it clicks it's easy to insert and remove, especially as you get more comfortable with sticking your fingers up there (if you weren't already!).
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And, it also helps to buy the right size cup... I bought the "over 30 or had a child" size cup by accident, but I'm still working with it easy enough.. Inverting it helps too, if the stem is too long.