My mommy was the one who got me started on pacifiers. I was complaining about her boyfriend (she finaly dumped him) and she stuck a pacifier in my mouth. At first I was gonna spit it out but then I just started to suck on it and forgot what I was saying. Now I can't get to sleep without a paci in my mouth.

i now have 2 of those nuk5 binkies. i want to have a total of 5.

BabySasuke BabySasuke
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

She's not my real mom. She's my older cousin but on the weekends I would get dumped at her house cause no one was home at mine and they don't trust me.

I agree, LittleBabyJess, I have to have my pacifier to go to sleep too!!!! When I was growing up I was made to wear diapers, my Mom would have never let me use a pacifier. Wow, BabySasuke, your so lucky that your mom lets you use one, that all I can say is "you better be a gpod baby" or she might take it away : )

Pacis are awesome, no doubt about it. I can't sleep without mine either.