My Baby Bunnykins

I treat my husband as the baby he is.

As you can see he is treated this way even by my friend who came to stay.

He is not allowed to get off the potty until he is told to and he must use it or get a spanking.

He sleeps in a cot like all baby's should and is put down for an afternoon nap.

I bought him a Hello Kitty suit for Christmas and Pooh Bear and Hello Kitty baby blankets.

Here he is feeding his baby and sucking on his dummy. He is so cute. I love him to bits.
I'm now going to have this made for him with lots of Disney characters on it.

The dressmaker is ready and it should be made very soon. If this one works out nicely, I will get more made, some with shorts and shirt cutely smocked like baby's like

Like this.

Have a nice day all.

Come and visit our nursery if you wish to be a baby.

Love Nanny An and bABy
NannyAn NannyAn
41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

That is so cool!

you are a nice mommie