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labor...I use it mainly when I go out anywhere...It's surprisingly comfortable, but I suppose they make the chair pads that way purposely. I would like to personalize it a bit, but haven't decided exactly how I want to do that yet. It folds up to fit in the trunk of the car, so I am somewhat limited as to what I CAN DO to it...I do have a side pouch on one arm and a soft-sider bag on the back (which is a pain to access). I also have a cup holder that clamps on & off. My son also found an umbrella that clamps onto the back to shield me from too much sun or the stray rain showers that may pop up.

It's all black except for the wheel grip rings..they are silver...maybe Ill start with those, if I can find some bicycle handle tape in a color I like...

allycat419 allycat419 46-50, F Jul 27, 2008

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