I Love My Wheelchair

I love my wheelchair..
I really did not need a wheelchair for awhile. The doctor said I have PLS but I really just have a problem with walking. I just can’t pickup my feet. Anyway as things were getting worst with my legs. ( My mother and sister both are in a wheelchair.) But I can still use a walker but it’s not going to be to long I and I will be in one soon. Right now I really can’t wait. I am so tired of trying to walk and just barely get by. I went to the doctor and told him I really need a wheelchair. I could not belive it when he wrote up a prescription for a wheelchair. I just did not think that was a way you got one.
Anyway I wanted to show my wife that I could go farther in a wheelchair then I could in my walker. So we went for a walk and we when a good mile before we turned around. I just felt great. We went on many more trips or walks of about 2 miles around our place. ( Thank god I live in a flat neighborhood ) It’s really great.
But now I am going to need a fullservice gas station and am not sure how that is going to go. But I guess I will find out soon enough.
Just letting you know….
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Aug 25, 2013