I Use A Wheelchair

I use a wheelchair.  Only sometimes because I know how to walk on my hands pretty fast!  I was born without legs.  When I use my wheelchair I go pretty fast too.  Just as fast as some people running.  Faster down a hill!  I love it!

ibelieveu ibelieveu
13-15, F
3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Good job it can walk on my hands pretty fast as well if I pull my legs up in a weird position I can walk around on my hands but I really admire you!!! I am also in a chair and you seem really strong my quote is love life and you seem to do it pretty well!!! Keep going!!!

Thanks!!!!:-) It's weird sometimes that people say they are sorry I don't have legs. I'm not! I've never had legs. If I grew them now they'd just get in my way!

Way to go. Show people who think you can't do much wrong. I say continue having fun with the wheelchair.