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like birdseye diapers the best--wore them alot up until I was 9 or 10--I was always pinned into a thick diaper composed of several birdseye diapers and some shinny white plastic pants--usually around the house this was my attire with a t shirt of course. Even now I still like a nice adult sized birdsey diaper and comco plastic pants over them--
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Yes I remember being pinned into birdsey diapers and plastic pants about half hour before bed--would watch a bit of TV in my diapers before going to bed

i woar them till disposable were availeble all the time

i just bought an all in one snap on cloth diaper from babykins and it's great

we've been trying those too. unfortunately, we can't refer to them as a "diaper", anymore than we can call any adult disposable a "diaper". mainly because we wet AND MESS in our diapers, AND we continue to do whatever we're doing, including sitting in our filled diapers. and unfortunately, we've found both to leak, or need to be quickly changed right after "going" in them. which isn't practical for us, since we wear and use our diapers 24/7. but, the kids have found those snap-on, pull-on, and velcro contour shaped cloth "diapers" to work adequetly with plastic panties, for outings with their friends and overnight stays. we now refer to those sets as our "combo sets" of diapers. my wife even ordered a few of those for me to wear, when we're going out with friends or social occaisions when my regular sets of cloth diapers would bulge out too much in a nice outfit.
thanks for sharing.

I have loved cloth diapers and plastic pants ever since I was a boy. Got taken out of them way too early, which resulted in a lot of wet mornings. Now I use cloth and plastic for fun every now and then. Unlike disposables, they never leak.

I bought a supply of Curity 21x40 diapers several years ago. Apparently, they don't make em any more. I don't use them that often, so they should last me another 15 or 20 years (I hope).

with proper care in laundry and drying, they should. i still have several of that style curity diapers that my mom used in making the sets of diapers i wore in high school. how many of that style of diaper do you wear together at a time?
my wife used that style of diaper too, when our kids were still not big enough for youth sized birdseye prefolds like i wore. our daughter is 15, and the only one still able to fit those old curity diapers. so, my wife has used the rest of them to fold into our daughter's light-daytime sets of diapers. hope yours last too.

I usually put 4 or 5 of them together, then fold them lengthwise, so they're 10X40, then fold over about a third of them, so it doubles up in the front and a little bit underneath me, and then I put them inside 2 pairs of underpahts (they're my "diaper holders"), and then put on plastic pants on top. I have 2 packs of diapers "on the go", and I think I bought them in the early 90's. I've got another package or two that have not yet been opened. I'll get to them in a few years....I'm not in a rush.

It would be so nice, if they still made the 36" x 36" flatfold diapers like they used too.

my wife was buying that style of diaper to use on our kids after they outgrew the prefold style. but, when they got around 12 years old, they both were big enough to fit into the youth size birdseye diapers, like i use. so, it's been several years since we've seen any of those flatflod diapers. you might want to consider buying some baby's receiving blankets in those dimensions. i recall my mom buying receiving blankets and folding a couple of them, with kitchen sized terry cloth towels placed inbetween as "soakers". i recall wearing them through my early teens, until she found birdseye material and started making my sets of diapers through high school. any reason why you would like to find those square style flat diapers?

I love the wat they fit and feel. Also a bit more babish.

i just put a towel in my diaper for the cloth diaper feel then i duct tape it so it will stay on , it is fun to run around just in a diaper...

As a child I too wore cloth birdseye diapers for bed wetting. It was not something I particularly liked but neither was a soaking wet bed. One advantage was as I got older and wet more volume, an extra diaper could be added easily to increase absorbency.I believe when I finally stopped I was wearing 4 diapers under plastic pants.

how old were you when you were wearing 4 diapers, and who was pinning them on you? i was almost 19, when my mom passed away. and that's when i finally had to learn how to change my own diapers and dress myself.

I was about 9 when my bed wetting started to diminish. My mom was the one who would put me in diapers every night. When bedtime rolled around I would go to my room and start to get undressed. Mom would come in and get the necessities out of my dresser and assemble them on my bed. The most embarrassing part was when she said" come and lay down". I would be at least naked from the waist down,and couldn't help but see the diapers plastic panties,pins, and powder, spread out on my bed. I would lie down and she would powder me, pull the diapers up between my legs and pin them snugly. The plastic pants would be slipped over my ankles, then I would stand and have them pulled up and tucked in. As embarrassing as it was there was a part of me that loved the attention.

I find cloth diapers to be much more comfy and don't leak as easily as disposables. They're very easy to use.