I'm Wearing Some Right Now

I love cloth diapers!  They are the best diapers around.  I can wet one and enjoy the sensation then change without it costing me too much money.  I have disp diapers for travel and fun but for everyday use cloth is the best.  

I used to buy them bu then I realized how easy they are to make so I sew my own.  They come out great and if there is a small imperfection it's okay because I pee in them, who cares if a stitch is crooked.  I started to make my own a few years back and have gotten quite good at it.  There is a lot of thinking and planning involved so if you want to make your own do some research online first.

I love to smell them when wet too.  Disp diapers smell different than cloth when wet.  Not bad, just different.
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I like terry nappies/diapers as well. I have to ISC catheter a couple of time a week now, but before I had a Eurethotomy I had to wear protection all the time, I sometimes did wear terry nappies and plastic pants to work and I still have to wear a pad or padded briefs for IBS related problems. but love nappies both washable or disposable which I wear every night. I don't want to smell like a pissy old man but the slight smell of freshly wet nappy is not at all unpleasant. <br />
Just remember the saying "A little of what you fancy does you good"<br />
<br />
Good luck.

I like how they smell after being wet for 5 or 6 hours. Disposables just don't get that same "diaper pail" smell to them. It's intoxicating.